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The first step in any recovery problem is admit you have a problem. If they don’t think the corruption is a problem and people are not going to jail, they’ll find endless excuses to not fix it.

So a plan was hatched. They watched the 2017, 2018, and 2019 off-season elections closely to determine who was involved and what methods were used.

November 5, 2020
Election Trap
[I want to believe there was such a plan.

If it is true then I remind myself that it’s a government operation so I’m skeptical it was or will be successful.—Joe]


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  1. I’m sure you are aware that “I want to believe” are very nearly the most dangerous four words you can utter (shortly after, “Knife to gun fight” and “I’m out of ammo”). I, too, want to believe. I’m not ready to commit, but there are some credible bits and pieces. I saw Rolf’s post and initially dismissed it. I still don’t think there was an “election trap” exactly, and I remain agnostic on the Q question.


    Are ballots watermarked for election security?

    A new hope — can we audit the 2020 election results?

    I am now convinced that an audit may be possible, depending on what features (if any) were on the ballots being used in the specific areas at issue and what methods are being used to commit fraud.

    We’ll find out when the counting stops and the audits start. We’ll just have to be patient until then.

  2. We’ve been living on hopeium this long. One last big gagger line ain’t going to kill us! One way or another were going to find out soon.
    It’s safe to say Thanksgiving isn’t going to be the same friendly family gathering for awhile. But perp-walks would be a wonderful Christmas present.
    I’m more concerned with how a Harris/Obama 3rd. term is going to effect Boomershoot?

    • Yep. So many promises, yet nothing is stopping the blue wave. It just keeps coming and coming like the EverReady bunny.

      It seems more like the Saxon invasion of England or the Borg than 1776. So what are our choices? Before you answer, do I need to remind you that we were founded in 1776 by Anglo-Saxons.

      • Blue wave…. Kind of like a tsunami in a porta-potti?
        Looks like their calling it for Harris. That or we’ll have drool-marks for a presidential signature?

        • the Blue Wave: Porta-potti tipping.
          “Nothing is gonna happen for the next few minutes, you might as well use the outhouse now.”

          I wasn’t thinking so much about drool marks for a signature, but something like:

          Joe Biden
          His Mark

          Or, as we did when I worked for Gigantic Aerospace Inc., when we signed off budgets when the manager who would actually get the bonus if the numbers were met wasn’t available to sign himself,

          Joe Biden, President,
          by Kamala Harris, Vice President

  3. Sorry, there are no watermarks on ballots. That is a wish of conservatives that just isn’t possible. The Federal government doesn’t print ballots. In fact, when I voted, my ballot was printed right in front of me by an ordinary laser printer.

    No one is coming to the rescue. No referee is going to toss out a penalty flag and call back the election, nor force a revote. There is nothing that can be done. The coup managed to overthrow the government using nothing but pieces of paper.

    • Stop the Doom-Pilling. I would expect more of you, DriveMedic.

      The watermarks are in the paper, not on the printing. There are also, apparently, QFR blockchain codes on some of the printed ballots. There are other security features as well. Not all ballots have all security features. The “high risk for fraud” states were focused on, not the ones that are solidly red or blue. They do not necessarily have to prove what a “right and accurate” count is, but if they can, great. All they have to prove is that fraud absolutely occurred in a size greater than the margin of victory, and then they can demand various sorts of remedies, up to and including a more closely scrutinized re-vote. The goal isn’t just to win.
      I think they have five main goals:
      1) WIN
      2) Expose the frauds and fraudulent means so pretty much every person, left or right, can see there is obviously a huge problem.
      3) Provide enough legal and rhetorical ammunition to force real election and voting reform.
      4) Expose the media and other publicly anti-american actors as being the lying, untrustworthy scumbags they are.
      5) Arrest, prosecute, and even execute some of the perps, to dissuade people from being willing to participate in such actions in the future.

      We shall see.

    • When I voted (Texas), I was handed a ballot paper in a special size, weight, and (I think) unusually reflective. I did not check for a watermark, but one could have been present. I inserted it into the voting machine and made my selections. It was then printed and ejected. The resulting printed ballot had a barcode as well as reasonably human readable text indicating my selections. The collection box scanned ballots as they were inserted and appeared to read them (“Wait for the flag to appear to indicate a successful read”). The voting machines were of a new type since the last election.

      I don’t think my area, being in Texas, is a particular target for vote fraud, but there were certainly significant new security features involved.

      My first link above (“Are ballots watermarked for election security?”) dealt with the federal versus state ballot printing issue. Bottom line, Snopes is using that to claim the idea is impossible, but they provide the evidence to refute their claim in their own article.

      I’m not claiming all ballots are watermarked or that there is some secret sting operation going on. But it’s verifiable that DHS has been iterating on election security since 2017, that their work includes watermarks (among other measures), and that CISA (a DHS agency involved in election security) has “helped many states shift to more secure voting systems that include paper records for all votes and the capability to conduct rigorous post-election audits”.

      Don’t like my links? Read it in the Washington Post:

      Again, I’m not claiming a conspiracy to conduct a massive sting operation with federally-printed secretly watermarked ballots. But there IS a federal agency that has been working on this and coordinating with the people who DO print ballots and otherwise provide election equipment.

      We’ll find out how helpful their work is when the recounts and audits start.

      • As I recall, my ballot here in Pelosi Park, aka Harris Ranch, was printed on plain white paper about 50% heavier than laser printer paper. No watermark, no glossy printing. But then, Pelosi is a conservative in my town. AOC, (An Ordinary Communist) is a centrist.

        If I’d known we couldn’t have two terms for Mr. Deeds goes to Washington, I would have been happy enough if Commi-fornia had flipped Red on all the down-ballot elections.

        And regarding Snopes and “they provide the evidence to refute their claim in their own article”, it is particularly delicious to use the other side’s research and cited cases to shoot their argument full of holes.

  4. If it is a Democrat deep state government operation, it already is failing in one respect; Too many people are questioning whether it can be explained without corruption. All other elected positions filled by Republicans? 90% plus voting for Biden in some districts? The only ballots ever found anywhere are all for Biden and universally give Biden the victory? This violates the Banana Republic principle: Don’t give El Presidente a laughably large margin of victory. Kim Jong Un and his father and grandfather
    It would explain Joe Biden’s lackadaisical attitude towards campaigning.
    He knew the fix was in, so he stayed home and drank or took whatever drug was HIS preference, and made appearances only enough to maintain the illusion that he believed he had to campaign just a little.

  5. Delusion and wishful thinking. The Left is cheating on an industrial scale never seen before in any industrial nation…..outside of Russia/China etc. They are blatantly, openly and obviously STEALING this election….and LAUGHING AT US.

    They are giving America a giant middle finger knowing FULL WELL that NOTHING is going to happen to them. The WORST that can happen is they fail and Trump stays in office…..and that’s not looking likely. There will be NO investigations, NO arrests, NO prosecutions, in short NO CONSEQUENCES for the crimes the left is and has been committing on a daily basis since Trump took office. NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO THEM.

    Why? Because they OWN the FBI, the JustUs Department, countless faceless apparatchiks in the swamp who aid and abet them. They own HUNDREDS of black robed pirates in key positions guaranteed to issue “rulings” in their favor and they own virtually EVERY talking head media assclown in America who have been and continue to lie to the public and aid in covering up these crimes.

    No….we are well and truly screwed. America has TWO CHOICES. Suck it up and accept the hell that is steaming toward us full speed or SACK UP, step off the porch and “water the tree”. That’s it. There is no “working within the system” and we are WAY WAY WAY past that awkward stage where it was too soon to shoot the bastards.

    • “Those who make peaceful Revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” — John F. Kennedy

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