If we don’t fight here, where do we fight?

Bill Whittle is more passionate than I have ever seen him before. As Matthew Bracken said:

Start watching at 3 minutes 50 seconds. Don’t miss it. You can explain this easily to even your dimmest democrat relative or neighbor.


6 thoughts on “If we don’t fight here, where do we fight?

  1. He’s right. What is anyone doing in the vote counting when it’s closed? And to answer the gentleman’s question. They had to do it this way because they needed to know Trumps turnout. With rally size being what it was. How would they know in advance how many votes to manufacture?
    I mean the standard amount of fraud wasn’t going to cut it on this one, right?
    These are communist were talking about. They lie big. Look at BLM? Antifa? And they obviously don’t care how stupid it looks. Or how unlawful it is. As long as they win. And if not, they will try it again later.

  2. It’s a dog and pony show. It’s like two championship wrestlers in the ring, pretending to go after each other in the most violent ways, pretending to hate one another, but the fact is they both belong to the same federation and no matter who wins or loses, the wrestlers, the federation, the venues and the sponsors all profit. And of course the more intense the “conflicts” the more people tune in. It’s all about the number of eyeballs they can lure into the game, and the more committed and riveted the audience the more the federation profits.

    Someone is extremely intent on maintaining the dialectic here, for without it the whole industry collapses. Knowing how important it is to them, and given the many years and the vast resources at their disposal, they’ve refined the practice of maintaining the dialectic to a high art.

    • Yes both of the parties are corrupt. Still one party wants to disarm us, to restrict our freedoms, and to punish us for our successes. I know that he ‘reached out’ to us tonight, but I’m not accepting that offer.

      Biden first call to action will be to get COCID-19 under control and I suspect he talking about draconian measures such as being required to wear a mask 7×24 even if you are at home and while having sex. And then follow up by giving the police the power to enforce it.

      And if he is so set on bringing COVID-19 under control why did he not admonish his cheering crowds across the country that were not following social distancing and mask guidelines?

      I then expect his second or third call to action will be to disarm us and to crack down on conservative causes.

      It is not a game for me and nothing has been settled with this election.

  3. > You can explain this easily to even your dimmest democrat relative or neighbor.

    Yeah, but it won’t matter. The end justifies the means, and the only things they care about are getting their hands on the levers of power, and taking Trump (or any Republican) out of office. This has never been about facts, legal processes, or rational argument.

    • “ The end justifies the means…”

      Keep this in mind as we go forward.

      Jeff B.

  4. Evidence only matters when everyone involved in the issue is interested in the truth. Both the left and the media DO NOT WANT the truth to be out there….so
    the media does all it can to muddy the waters and confuse the easily confusable.
    And it’s working. Expecting ANY type of appeal to reason, referral to laws or legal precedent or expectations of honesty or fairness is insanity. The left has proven over and over and over and over ad nauseum ad infinitum that they only care about one thing…..WINNING!. To achieve that win they will quite literally do ANYTHING.
    I doubt there will ever be proof but it is a HIGH ORDER probability that the DNC conspired with the CCP to release the Coronavirus KNOWING that while it isn’t particularly lethal it IS highly contagious and was a great mechanism to sow fear and panic so they could institute a shutdown to tank the economy….which would be Trumps fault…..and require the Holy Grail of voter fraud…..near universal “mail in voting”. They failed in tanking the economy with the record 3rd quarter recovery but they DID succeed in stealing this election with the mail in voting fraud.

    At this point in time facts are essentially irrelevant except for perhaps historical posterity. And since the victor writes…or REWRITES…. history our descendants aren’t likely to know just how despicable the left conducted themselves in their quest for power.

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