Dead people voting in Michigan

Via daughter Jaime:

1,300 confirmed:
13k being checked

Michigan registration website:

The confirmed list is people who have been supposedly confirmed to be voted and/or registered to vote in this election via the Michigan Voter Information Center website (the third link above).

The second link above is a list of 14,549 names of people who were born 100 or more years ago. Of possible interest is this warning by Paste Bin for this list:

Warning – Potentially offensive content ahead!

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The content you are about to view has been deemed potentially offensive or questionable by our filters, because of this, you’re receiving this warning.

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Yeah, it’s offensive to the criminals committing fraud.

I sorted the confirmed list by date of birth and selected the oldest people to confirm via the Michigan registration website. Here are my results:

TERRY MATHIS  1/1900  48207 Ballot Received: 11/2/2020
JAMES BRADLEY  1/1900  48234 Ballot Received: 11/2/2020
THEODORE WILLIAMS  1/1900  48219 Registered but no absentee ballot was requested.
ROBERT BROCK  1/1900  48203 Ballot sent but not received.
JAMES JENTZ  1/1900  48224 Registered but no absentee ballot was requested.

I find it highly unlikely that people coming up on their 121st birthday actually voted. I claim fraud.

This must stop. The people committing this fraud must be sent to prison and never be allowed to vote again.

Some observations made by Jaime when she called me to discuss:

  • Maybe this is the best possible outcome. It’s so obvious that people are going to insist something be done about it.
  • Trump is not a Republican. A Republican would concede. Trump is a fighter.
  • If the lawsuits can’t be resolved by the time the electoral college votes in December then it goes to the House where a delegation, with each state equally represented, votes on the president. Republicans would have a majority in this scenario.
  • 2020 does not disappoint.

18 thoughts on “Dead people voting in Michigan

  1. The fact that they all have a birthdate of 1/1900 implies missing data, not fraud. That’s almost certainly a default value dumped in when the correct value is missing or unavailable.

    Seems like an excellent application of Hanlon’s razor.

    • That’s because my dad sorted by oldest. I checked 3 on rhe list at random and none were 1900 and all voted. Years are between 1900 and 1920. Also note that the 1300 list has a final column where it shows whether the person voted or not.

      • Have you checked the ballot to be denied? The ballots go through process during the counting phase and if it’s a dead person they are denied. Please check that. Otherwise you are taking part in the disinformation movement and can be responsible for adding to the chaos trumpism is based in. Re: Aug. 4 primary. “In total, over 10,000 absentee ballots were rejected, including nearly 850 ballots cast by voters who died before Election” Day

        • Since you’re asking, and you’re so confident in your theory, and the datasets are directly linked above, why don’t you check into that yourself?

          Given your extreme skepticism, I think it’s the only way you’ll get an answer that you’ll actually be satisfied with.

        • The “chaos Trumpism is based in”. HAHAHAHAHA! I can hardly wait for the truth and transparency of a Harris/AOC admin! (You don’t actually think Biden is going to be President do you?) He would be lucky to make it passed the swearing in farce. I can see him now. Propped up in the oval office with an attendant behind him to wipe up his drool.
          Wouldn’t be no chaos then, right?
          Hope you got paid for that statement. Cuz if it came natural, like ouch dude. You need to buy some IQ.

    • But since the age of the person is a qualifier for being a legal voter, it follows that the registration data needs to contain the birth date. “missing data” means the registration is not valid because it omits one of the qualifying elements.

  2. Michigan has 83 counties; somewhere in each county there’s someone in a county office who has the demographic data for that county because the county has to apply to the state and the feds for supplemental funds (aka “government handouts”) and many of those require submitting data to support the “need” for funds, in particular population numbers, which usually include demographic data.

    That data may be as sloppy, incorrect or corrupt as any other data government has, but it should be possible (child’s play for a statistician, actually) to correlate the official county population records and demographic data to voting records and voting registration data. If there actually is a statistically significant group of 121 year olds living in Michigan, or distributed through Michigan’s 83 counties, it’s highly likely there is some amount of official recoginition of that. At the very least, some local TV stations should have video of people and their candle-festooned birthday cakes.

    It is possible the 1/1900 birthdate is actually just a placeholder, a date inserted by default because the data format required a date to be valid, but if that’s the case it should be easy to confirm; I’d suspect there would not be large number of “placeholder birthdate people” so someone with a phone book and a phone, or, worst case, a car and a map, should be able to determine whether Terry Mathis, James Bradley et al actually exist and make a reasonable determination as to whether they really are 121 years old.

    Given the expected normal age distribution of America’s population, unless there’s something really, really special about the water or air in Michigan, two people in each county with cars, maps and cameras should be able to provide bulletproof documentation in a day, two if they drive slowly.

    And if it turns out there is a large 121-year-old cohort in Michigan, expect an immediate mass migration by the 85-year-olds in Arizona and Florida.

    My prediction: This will turn out to be sloppy and incompetent data that is being used to support voting fraud, and if one digs deeply enough one will find that such fraudulence is not confined only to the voting process but is persistent throughout government operations of all type.

    • Oldest person living in the united states today is 115. Only about 70 or so are over 110. I highly doubt they all live in Michigan and voted.

  3. There are MANY red flags implying fraud. You need to be able to explain away ALL of them in order to claim you do not think there was fraud, and the count is legit and doesn’t need an intervention and recount. Look here for Larry Correia’s take, or look at my my summary of what is going on here

    If you honestly think the election tally is all legit, you are not smart enough to tie your shoes without velcro. If you know it’s a fraud and are shilling, you are evil or a foreign agent.

  4. And once the fraudulent ballots are mixed in with the regular ballots. All of which no longer have identifiers on them. It will be impossible to separate them back out.(Think that’s why they didn’t want any observers around?).
    One could tell this was a fraud just by crowd size at rallies alone.
    Most of all, we know this is election fraud because they said this was how they were going to steal it. Red Mirage anyone?
    The truly good thing about four years of Trump was it exposed government for the ignorant, petty, vindictive soul that it is. A fraud for all to see. Usurped, naked power is all it has. And any claim of to the contrary notwithstanding.
    Act accordingly.

  5. The names aren’t exactly uncommon… What are the odds of a false positive caused by a younger voter, maybe even one named in honor of the elder now passed, being a voter?

    Edit:–nevermind, actually read the data. Birthdate is in the ‘voted’ list.

  6. I deplore your abuse of the elderly in this manner. Well, I will, if I can stop laughing.

  7. I read somewhere (article or comment I can’t find now) someone suggested that some of the voter fraud is so blatant that it looks like they may be trying to get caught just so it could be eventually go to the supreme court. Because a fraudulent Biden win overturned in court would be more valuable to those who want to stir up unrest.

  8. “Because a fraudulent Biden win overturned in court would be more valuable to those who want to stir up unrest.”

    Bring. It. On.

    As Sarah Hoyt mentioned last night about the Left: “Y’all cosplay revolution. We just get pissed and steamroll everything.” That’s Larry Correia’s switch.

    Let’s have this out, once and for all. It’s been building to a conflict for years, if not decades; there’s some difference between the Republic being destroyed by a civil war and it being destroyed by corruption, fraud and malfeasance: recovery from the destruction of a civil war is possible, we’ve proved that once already, but corruption, fraud and malfeasance permeates all the way into every part of the supporting structure just like terminal cancer and rots it into nothing, and from that there is no recovery.

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