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Washington, it was. And is.


We are a questioning people; questions will be asked. To wit: Is the name simply settled history, a historical bridge too far to even discuss? Is it a tad troublesome, but not enough to skip lunch over? Or is it a betrayal, wholly unjustified, a historical wrong deserving of righting?

Ron Judd
October 11, 2020
Washington is named for a president who owned slaves. Should it be?
[I have questions:

  • Aren’t there far more important issues for the legislature and the people of the state of Washington to address?
  • Aren’t those demanding we address the subjection of people 200+ years ago the same people demanding we give up our arms today?

I don’t believe these people have benign intent. I believe they intend to agitate and divide the people of the state and the country to make us weak.—Joe]


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  1. I view this as an attempt to distract people from more important issues and questions.

    A simple, firm, “No, it’s fine, go away,” should suffice for the moment.

  2. I don’t really care what the name of our state is, but I do care if the intentions behind changing it are part of the effort to destroy our culture and civilization.

  3. If they are talking about renaming, it would be entertaining to float the notion that the continent (and the country) should be renamed, because after all they are named after Amerigo Vespucci, whose writings about the “New World” promoted colonization. I wonder if the extremists currently pushing all that crazy stuff would like this notion. Confusion to the enemy…

  4. Damn, All the road markers have Washington’s picture on them. It must be hellish on the poor snowflakes just driving from point A to B!
    Wonder what they will rename it? Gatesland? Sorostan? New Xi-land? Maoiststan?
    After the election Seattle may have a lot in common with Sarajevo. Maybe one of those weird names no one can spell?
    Well, as long as the commies are running it. You can just call it, well you know. The F-thing.

    • I don’t have a problem with the I-5 corridor from Everett to Olympia, plus Island county, splitting off and calling themselves the “State of Roosevelt”. What better symbols of progressive government than both Roosevelts?

      It’s articles like this one that will do the marketing job for me.

  5. Let’s just take a little peak at some of the things George Washington had to say on the matter of slavery then, shall we?

    It takes the concerned individual only a few seconds to find that Washington the man was fundamentally opposed to slavery and spoke out publicly against it.

    This is the left using Karl Marx’s doctrine of “Accuse Others of What You Do”, for it was the Democratic Party which upheld and defended slavery during the American Civil War. It has always been Democratic Party members who comprised the KKK. It was the Democratic Party which upheld segregation and it was the Democratic Party which passed and enforced Jim Crow laws. Currently it is the Democratic Party which keeps black people trapped in the worst schools in America, and it is the Democratic Party which fights tooth and nail against school choice. It is the Democratic Party which has been teaching black people, and other minorities, since the implementation of LBJ’s “Great Society” programs, to think of themselves as victims and to rely on government largess (handouts from white people), rather than on developing productive knowledge, skills, attitudes and efforts, for their sustenance.

    I say all of that for just a little bit (just a little taste) of clarification, for it is the Democratic Party in this country which has to answer for the evils of the American slavery and of the racism in this country of the last 160 years or so.

    I say all of that, also knowing with certainty that the contrasts between the political parties are designed to rope us into distraction. The parties themselves are part of the “agitation and separation to make us weak”, for if there were a true and genuine contest between the two purported ideologies then surely the anti-constitutional, anti-American Democratic Party would have been abolished along with slavery in the 1860s, one being an instrument of the other. After WW II we didnt allow the Nazi Party to continue functioning. As I recall, several of their key members were tried, convicted and hanged, and others were hunted down to the far corners of the earth, for decades after. How many officially sanctioned “Democrat Hunters” were there, decades after the surrender of the Confederacy?

    That’s just to draw a contrast between how an enemy ideology might have been treated verses how a partner ideology might be treated. In fact, the American Progressives inspired Hitler (and they’re trying to distract us from that fact). In fact, the two American political parties are partners, having no fundamental ideological disagreements. What were we taught about the differences in party ideologies beyond the simplistic “pro-slavery verses abolition” dichotomy? Nothing whatsoever. Both parties are OK with coercive redistribution and top-down, centralized control.

    Let’s never get overly excited then, fooling ourselves into believing that the party differences are between actual right and wrong, for in so doing we have to force ourselves to forget what is right. The parties’ only differences are in the style and implementation of the coercion, the speed and direction of the growth of their totalitarianism, and the pretenses they use to justify and uplift themselves.

    Don’t fall for it.

    Rename every damned state in the union for all I care. Washington himself would be ashamed and disgusted to have his name associated with the politics of the state today anyway. Do him a favor and take his name off of it! It would be more honest, and proper, to rename the state, “Marxland” or “Mussolinia”. Actually I approve of that, and do hereby submit it for serious consideration. Naming it after a Greek or Roman “god”, or other pagan or occultist deity would be equally appropriate, and after all; the ostensibly secular world absolutely loves them some Greek gods and some Roman mythology! In any case, thus naming the state honestly we could go to war against the filthy leftist, Romish bastards more truly knowing that against which we fight!

    Ah, but then who would bother to fight? We’ll fight against a falsehood, for an alternate falsehood, but not against a falsehood for the truth. There’s no emotional or personal aggrandizing motivation for that, you see, for the truth is not our own, and so a violation of it is not a violation against ourselves at all, but against God only. And justice is His alone. We can’t be whipped up into a violent hatred against the enemies of God, but against our own enemies (fellow sinners– fellow liars and fellow criminals)? That’s easy!

    Without a firm, unshakable stance on the bedrock of the American principles of liberty, AND on a fundamental understanding and upholding of the Decalogue, all the political differences won’t have mattered a whit either way. We have neither. And so here we are, and here we will remain, in trouble.

    • Come on, man, You should know by now they do not care one whit for fact or reality, it’s all about symbols and the feelz. They seek not justice, but destruction.

  6. Change the name in the dark of night when no one is watching. Name it for your father or maybe favorite dog. That’s how the famous Tappan-Zee Bridge over the Hudson River got renamed the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge by the current occupant of the NY governor’s mansion.

    • The State of Fido. That’s the name! Unless you think a name with the same number of letters would be better. How many metallic semi-permanent stickers would they need to cover the offending name?

  7. Joe, I apologize for going off-topic, but we have a WA 2nd mild crisis/opportunity.

    To all members of the WA-CCW Yahoo group:

    Yahoo has announced that all groups are going away on December 15th.
    Apparently this kind of communication has become obsolete – no big
    surprise. So I’d like to suggest that you all tell us your favorite
    online forum for information about gun related issues in Washington
    state. Hopefully we can migrate to a newer form of online community
    and hopefully it is one not too vulnerable to censorship by the
    techno-authoritarians of Silicon Valley.

    Feel free to email me directly if you have a suggestion, but don’t want
    to tell the world.

    Take Care,

    Mike Brown – group owner, Vancouver, WA

    Posted by: “Dr. Michael S. Brown”

    (Not sure the HTML quote tag works here)

    The long running WA-CCW Yahoo group is going to permanently expire in December, at the decision of Yahoo/Verizon. Any chance that kind of thing has a home here?

  8. They are antiwhite. They wish to engage in white erasure of any identifiable figures of our people. Don’t bother distinguishing the type of antiwhite.

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