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Sleepy Joe Biden, he’s betrayed Black and Latino Americans, if you think he can run this country you’re wrong. For half a century. We’ve got to vote these people into oblivion, got to get rid of them, so bad for our country. Black and Latino Americans are rejecting the radical socialist left and embracing our pro-jobs, pro-worker, pro-police—we have to have law and order—and pro-American agenda.

Donald Trump
President of the United States
October 10, 2020
Trump Makes ‘Law and Order’ Pitch to Black, Latino Voters in ‘Blexit’ White House Speech
[From a policy standpoint this is the major reason why I believe Trump is most likely to be reelected. The Democrats have become aligned with socialism and violent crime. Those on the lower economic tiers, primarily minorities, will be the most adversely affected by a socialist agenda and they know this.—Joe]


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  1. We certainly view law and order as necessary, but on the left, law and order is viewed as a characteristic of ‘white supremacy’. So the question becomes will people vote for their intestest or blindly follow their tribe?

    And given the mood of the country even if Trump wins aren’t we still going to see change the leftist are demanding?

    For example, this morning The Seattle Times is carrying the article: “Washington is named for a president who owned slaves. Should it be?”. I can’t read the article because it is behind a paywall, but the title says it all. The false 1619 narrative is taking hold.

    • What they don’t tell you is that not all of Washington’s slaves were black. They don’t tell you that not all slave-owners were white. They don’t tell you that most of the blacks sold to European slavers were captured and sold to them by black Africans. Or that the North African / Islamic slave trade of sub-Saharan blacks was ~10x larger in magnitude, and actually genocidal because of castration and abortifacts and infanticide. They are trying to destroy our country. If this nation devolves into an actual civil war, anyone and everyone who is part of the mainstream media is every bit as much a legitimate target as the pols who got us there and the thugs with guns who fight for them.

      • Thanks for the link. The article is more balanced than I thought it would be. Still, it is that little 1619 ‘overreach’ along with missing details and the idea that everything we have, including our constitution, bill of rights, …, is white privilege and, as such, needs to be destroyed that I consider false.

      • My recipe for dealing with paywalls is to connect using TOR. That’s a nice tool to have in any case.

        • All TOR nodes have been mapped. My company gives any traffic to or from TOR nodes special attention.

          A closely related story to illustrate: On Saturday I got a call from CIRT (Critical Incident Response Team) about my server connecting to a TOR. I’m on the Threat Intelligence Team. CIRT is a close “relative” of ours. My server does some TOR investigation automatically. CIRT had an alert “pop” about the traffic, figured out it was my server, and suspected it was a false alarm but they wanted to make sure. We discussed it. I told them what my server was doing and that if it wasn’t outside those boundaries it was benign. A text message came back a few minutes later, yup, expected behavior. They will “tune” the alert so it won’t fire again for my server engaging in that behavior.

  2. “Black and Latino Americans are rejecting the radical socialist left and embracing our pro-jobs, pro-worker, pro-police…”

    No mention of liberty?

    I read that as;
    “Americans are rejecting the radical socialist left and embracing our not quite so radical socialist right.”

    Republicans cannot talk about socialism, fascism or communism (Marxism). i.e. totalitarianism, among the Democrats without placing “radical” or “extreme” in front of it. The reason is simple; the radicalism is the only thing that differentiates the two parties. And so we’ve already arrived at, and passed, that point where the political parties aren’t selling one ideology verses another, but two different versions of the same ideology. Pick your poison. Whether it comes up heads or tails, it’s still a fake penny made of zinc with a thin copper plating.

    And anyway; if we interpret it in light of the American founding principles, socialism is wholly unconstitutional, so if they really wanted to end it, all the Republicans would need to do is their sworn duty to uphold the principles of liberty as described in the constitution.

    And again; race is irrelevant to any of this, except as a selling point (a “hook” as it’s been called in advertising) for the various anti-American theses. The actual American principles of liberty have nothg to do with anyone’s race. Same goes for Christianity, and so whenever you see some purportedly “Christian” organization touting a program of “diversity” or any of the other leftist buzzwords, you know they’ve been infiltrated, compromised and corrupted.

    I bring that up because we are, even now, just behind the scenes, being corralled into embracing, or at least tolerating, the precepts of a thoroughly corrupt, world religious system. It is to Biblical Christianity what John McCain was to the Tea Party, and Trump and his people, and Biden and his people, are fully on board with it.

    In short; we aren’t voting our way out of this. It’s a Marxist/fascist political system bolstered by false (non-Biblical) religion, which together will become a global force of tyranny such as the world has never seen. We can’t vote it away simply because liberty won’t be on the ballot. You can spin the situation any way you like, and there’s no end to the variations and angles you can put on the spin, but it won’t change that simple fact. Liberty isn’t on the ballot! and besides; most people wouldn’t recognize it if it were, and of those few who would would recognize it, most would reject it. No; in this emotionally agitated state, we’ll choose “bold action” or some other, similarly meaningless and bitter nonsense, over liberty, practically every time. And like the Republicans who “cave” at every opportunity, we ourselves will call it “pragmatism” and defend our anti-libertarian positions practically to the death.

    And “This could work, I tell you!” we will be saying to ourselves, while blaming the failures and tragedy on the “purist” libertarians and the Biblical Christians! “If only they’d shut the hell up and stay the hell out of the way!” and so it is that we’ll go along with persecuting them, calling them what we will believe they’ve been all along; “extremist separatist fundamentalists”. It’s THEM! THEY’RE THE PROBLEM! THEY’RE WHY I AM BEING BLAMED AND ACCUSED OF EXTREMISM! GET ‘EM!

    It’s as old as the hills. It happens every time, and everyone involved has always told themselves they’d never let it happen to them.

    • So then, since they were not complete bans there was nothing to fear from NFA34, GCA68, or AWB94? And because they were not pure socialism, the Social Security Act, Medicare, and the affordable Care Act were all of no concern, correct?

      President Trump has successfully appointed hundreds of judges who have a mindset dramatically different from those appointed by those on the political left. The standard capacity magazine ban in California will, almost for certain, be overthrown. Tens of thousands of regulations have been repealed. The ACA will probably be completely thrown out as well. Those are not just a slowing down of the slide into authoritarianism. Those are steps back from it.

      I will not dispute that they are small steps. But those small steps took place in less than four years and took decades for the left to accomplish.

  3. For the guy that was famous for saying, your fired. He doesn’t seem to do it much. And even with direct input from Don Jr.. He still won’t rein in the ATF.
    For me he’s still just the lesser of two evils. And no matter who wins. Growing our way out of the debt that’s been incurred is going to be painful. 20 plus trillion interest payments?
    None of this addresses the real problems that have been allowed to fester in our society. Of which most will not be turned around soon.
    My wife was watching one of those real crime investigation shows. Some blacks broke into a 90 year old woman’s house in Texas. Robbed and kidnapped her. Drove around town in her car, with her in the trunk. Showed her off to no less than six different people. And no one called the police. Later that night. they hit her with a cinder block, and dropped her in a river to drown. And this was years ago. The problems of law and order still aren’t being addressed. As I watched a young black man punch a 90 something old woman for just walking down the street. What makes people think like that? Is that being addressed?
    Not by anyone in politics for the last 60 years!
    I’m certain politics is the art of addressing problems without ever having to do anything about them. But inspiring one to vote on the hope they might be this time. Kind of like publisher’s clearing house politics?

    • Rome wasn’t built in a day. The current corruption of society didn’t happen overnight, and it will not be fixed in a day either.

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