Quote of the day—Sarah Hoyt

Before you go abooging, remember, Madame Guillotine is always hungry. And indiscriminate with it.

Sarah Hoyt
October 10, 2020
[And if you decline the confrontation when the revolution comes to you it is guaranteed the win and you the loss.—Joe]


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    So be it. We’ve strayed too far from core principles to recover anyway.

    Perhaps a phoenix will rise out of the ashes of our western civilization.

    • “Perhaps a phoenix will rise out of the ashes of our western civilization.”

      Yeah; the beast of the Dark Ages.

  2. But the problem is that Madam Guillotine is not being fed. Right now the only grist for her mill is when a DA decides to toss somebody defending themselves or their property into the mill.

    100 people riot in the streets throwing NFA bombs at buildings and people, destroying property, looting, assaulting people, and 3 get arrested and the DA releases 4, not a typo.

    Some dude is in fear for his life and defends himself and he’s arrested and in jail with huge bail requirements and his life is ruined.

    The only way this is going to end is when the cost to the left is so high they stop the Burn Loot Murder methods.

    • “The only way this is going to end is when the cost to the left is so high they stop the Burn Loot Murder methods.”

      Yeah, and continue unabated with other methods, ultimately achieving the same goals.

  3. The problem for Madam G is that this time the peasants are armed to the teeth. And those rolling out the machine. Might find themselves getting “ditched” instead. (Less messy).
    Sick your little criminal army on the Vendee this time and see what happens!

  4. I have long said that if you kick the lid off of Hell, you won’t be happy with the results.

  5. So, “abooging”; it has no meaning. We’re just going to let that use of a nonsense word hang there? I could find no usages of the word beyond references to this quote, and a few pets that were similarly named.

    Anyway, it is true that if you want to whip up murderous rage, you’re going get murderous rage. It’s like saying that if you start a fire things are going to burn.

    Of course; it’s what the enemy wants. They’re very much counting on it.

    It’s the mentality of the elementary school classroom bully. He sees someone composed, productive and content, and it drives him to alter the situation. He has no choice. He’s acting purely on impulse. So he’s going to disrupt that composure, that productivity and that contentment NO MATTER THE COST TO HIMSELF. To see his victim lose composure is the one and only goal, for it thus proves to him that no one is really, truly better than he.

    In this case it is the exact same thing, but it’s between civilizations. The servants of evil CANNOT abide any civilization that is relatively good, relatively peaceful, relatively content and relatively productive having embraced the “perfect law of liberty” (God’s law).

    It is none other than the prince of the world against God’s people. It is the entire world against all of what we’ve been calling Judeao/Christian Civilization but is in fact more accurately described as the Protestant nations.

    Nothing is going to prevent that “classroom bully” from disputing things. NOTHING. And so it is a matter of the correct response to his shenanigans. One might simply take the little bastard out and slit his throat, and quietly bury the body or leave it to the coyotes, but he’s still managed to disrupt things, and that murder he got you to commit is exactly the sort of thing he wanted out of you, to prove you’re no better than he, that you’re as corruptible as anyone else no matter the high standards you’ve adopted or the lofty principles you espouse. One could beat him to a bloody pulp, in a rage, but: ditto. And so the only appropriate reaction is to take him down, with precision and extreme force, in defense of others, in defense of those principles, with no other self interest, no matter the cost to yourself. No to kill him necessarily, but to shock him out of his funk and bring him in line. It must be absolutely certain to the bully, and to all observers, that his bullying behavior cannot possibly be tolerated and cannot possibly win (and remember; winning for the bully means disrupting polite society, so he can win far, far, FAR easier than you can win). The path to hell is wide, nicely paved and welcoming, whereas the path to victory is narrow, almost impossible to find, and it has compelling distractions placed along both sides all along the way.

    We have NOT the resolve for that, and we’ve proven it by demonstration throughout the generations. Thus only divine intervention can save us. That’s the first step in understanding the intelligence data, gathered in the reconnoitering of the tactical landscape; we cannot save ourselves.

    Once you realize that you’re already a dead man, and thus any self interest is naught but distraction, then you can begin to understand this war.

  6. Lyle –
    I suspect the “abooging” is the progressive tense of a verbed boog, itself an abbreviation for boogaloo, a.k.a. the Big Igloo or the Big Luau. Think if it in the same vein as “aviking.” Same beards, replace the bear-shirts with Hawaiian shirts.

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