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Because of the American resistance to class warfare, beginning in the 1960s, American leftists started to substitute race, sex, and sexual orientation for class. That is, instead of dividing America along economic lines, they divided it along immutable characteristics lines. By doing so, they created permanent fissures in society. The point, always, was to destroy constitutional government, the free market, and a liberty-oriented mindset, and replace it with pure statism: Rule by the iron hand of the so-called “expert.”

October 10, 2020
This election reflects America’s peculiar, and very dangerous class war
[Excellent observation!—Joe]


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  1. Unfortunately, “go to the polls on November 3” will not undo our class separation – it is now a fixture that will destroy us.

  2. One of the things that multiple experts have pointed out that while the “1%” have gotten richer, it is not the same people that are getting richer.

    In America, class mobility is a real thing. It is not uncommon for somebody to start in a lower class, as defined by wealth, and end up in a higher class later in life. It is actually pretty common.

    I.e. When I left high school my “wealth” put me in a very low income bracket. Poverty levels as a matter of fact. But I didn’t feel “poor”. I had housing and food and was getting an education at University. When I left University I felt much much “poorer” but I owned a new sports car vs the 20 year old VW Microbus that I arrived in. I had a wife to be with me and a child on the way. We had household goods and a bunch of other stuff. We were very much in the “middle class” and not in “poverty”.

    We ended up in a state where I had a good job making OK money. And I felt poorer than I ever did at University. We struggled. Wife was spending money, I was spending money, and the cost of living made my new salary feel like less than my old salary.

    10 years later I was making 4 times as much as I had the day I left University. I and the bank owned my house. I’d gotten ride of the cash drain known as “wife 1” and even though ex-wife was draining 50% of my income, I was still at the high end of middle class.

    I remember making a road trip to the U.P. of Michigan the year I bought my sports car. That was a very economically depressed area. Most of the people in the area lived on the dole. I was treated as if I was a very wealthy person because of that sports car. Why? Because I had purchased a *new* car and I was driving a sports car in an area where most people drove practical cars.

    What all these is to say is that class warfare in the US doesn’t work because what ever class you target is malleable. Whoever is in that class today is not going to be the same tomorrow. And targeting the rich only means targeting yourself, 10 years from now.

  3. So you’re pointing to a grand conspiracy spanning many generations. It would necessarily involve both political parties as well, no? For if it were only the Democrats the Republicans could have blown the lid off the whole thing decades ago, even rooting out and exposing all the leaders and their fellow conspirators. And if it involves both American political parties then surely it would involve the government’s of other countries as well, so now we’re taking about a global conspiracy spanning many generations.

    Now that we’ve established that; are you sure you want to go there, or would you rather go back to the simple formula of “Democrats bad, Republicans, although not good, are our only hope”? Because if you go down the rabbit hole of global conspiracy then you’ll have the obligation of due diligence in discovering the roots of it, following the trail of power to the leaders and their motivations, tactics and goals. There you will find layers upon layers of deception and distraction, going back to ancient times.

    And where will you be willing to look, and where will you be unwilling to look?

    • I’m not sure what you are talking about. There is no “grand conspiracy”. What we have is a group of people trying to divide Americans. In the 40’s and 50’s they tried doing it by class, today they use race or sex or “gender”. Those are observations.

      Since you established nothing in your first paragraph, your second is meaningless.

      If you must put a “party” on what I was commenting on, you can use “Communist”, “Socialist” or “Marxist”, I don’t really care. My point is that class warfare seems to have failed in the US and I believe (opinion) that it failed because of the class mobility in the US.

    • It’s not a party issue. It’s an issue of enforcing globalist ideology onto everyone. Both parties are in on this scheme, especially since the republicans were infiltrated by a bunch of socialists under the guise of being “neoconservatives” back in the 1980s.

      This is why both parties hate Trump so thoroughly.

      This is also why the Republicans, while claiming to be the conservative party, have managed to conserve absolutely nothing.

    • That’s a good thought… it would be more or less analogous to a doctor saying to you:

      “You have a mild peanut allergy. Consequently, we’re going to treat you until you have a severe peanut allergy so you are acutely aware of any time you’re even in the same room as a nut of any kind, and you’ll also have allergies to dust, dogs, cats, gluten, dairy, latex, cotton, every flower, all kinds of pollen, shellfish, the slightest whiff of perfume, dyes, and if we do our best, sunlight. This will take a while, so if the research into making you allergic to water and oxygen advances to the pre-trial basis, we’ll bolt on those treatments.

      Oh, and you do have to pay for this. You’ll find it easier to bear if you tell everyone you know all about it and insist that they also get the treatments.

      Did we mention that this will cause you to emit a revolting odor that will drive away anyone with a functioning sense of smell? Lucky you, the treatments will also kill your sense of smell, so we have that problem completely solved to our satisfaction.”

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