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  1. The text in the poster appears to assume that the fighting women will be the righteous ones. Having a clear understanding of the distinctions between good and evil, truth and falsity, they will oppose evil (the “goblins”) with a relentless fervor and a laser-like focus.

    No doubt; in their imaginations only, that could very well be the case. So in other words; they “will be like gods, knowing both good and evil”. — Satan. And so, using that knowledge, they will execute judgement upon the world, ridding the world of all iniquity forever. I mean; that’s the ultimate version of the fantasy here, right?

    So you see, everyone has their “judgement day” fantasy, but in this depiction our “god” is a woman, or womanhood in general, having the powers, not only of child-bearing but of ultimate discernment and execution of final judgement.

    It’s certainly compelling, and very ancient in origin, but totally wrong. Catholics, who view Mary as “the mother of God” and thus in some ways superior to God (our “mediatrix”), could be readily convinced to share your fantasy as they’ve been pre-programmed for it, as could the Muslims and the ancient Egyptians, and many of the other pagan religions. The Isis, Horus relationship comes to mind here also. There are many other, parallel theologies, mostly arising out of the doctrines of satan as described in the Book of Genesis. The French uplifted their “godess of reason” (a whore) during the French Revolution, in very similar spirit.

    • No, I think he said once engaged, they are the merciless ones. Something we will have to be if we intend to give our children a measure of peace in the future.
      Our fathers mercy is why communism continues to murder it’s way into the 21st. century.

    • This is why I am unhappy that my sister-in-law who is far to the left of Mao and Pol Pot knows where the kitchen knives are.

    • Don’t bother trying to correct Lyle. While he is broadly on our side on the guns-rights and liberty stuff, in every wall of text he drops here, somewhere his anti-Catholic crusade will leak through. He is fanatical in that regard: won’t change his mind and won’t change the subject. Furthermore, apparently there is a ‘Romish’ tentacle or Papal conspiracy hiding behind every rock, tree and worldly wrong, so he’s always on topic to let you know all about it.

      • His raging anti-Catholic tendencies are annoying enough, but that last one could qualify him for honorary membership in MGTOW.

        I’m not gonna tell Mr. Huffman how to run his site, but I AM going to loudly question the wisdom of letting Lyle leave his brain droppings all over the place.

        • Instead of censorship. Why don’t you just scroll right on down to the next comment?
          Besides, Lyle is an excellent source of information and entertainment. Every hunter knows there’s a lot that can be learned from examining scat.
          Besides all that. If Joe starts censoring, I’m probably on the top of the list. So no needs to go there.

    • Thanks, everyone, for the compliments.

      And you’re technically correct; Catholics don’t teach, per se, that Mary is superior to God. It’s all by implication and innuendo. I was raised Catholic, and went for several years to Catholic summer school (a cruel form of torture), and was both “baptized” and “confirmed” Catholic. Although they never taught me much of anything, I nonetheless speak with at least some minimal authority as derived from direct experience over many years.

      What official Catholic sources DO say is that Mary was herself immaculate (being immaculately conceived and born without sin and remaining without sin), something found nowhere in the Bible, and furthermore that Mary bestowed her “immaculateness” upon Jesus, and thus, logically, without her, Jesus would not be “immaculate”. If she had it first, and gave it to Jesus, does not that at least imply that she is superior? And keep in mind that Jesus, on many occasions, says that He is God. Don’t make me list the quotes.

      No Mary? No Jesus! — Mother Teresa.

      “The Immaculate Heart” they call Mary. “The” implies “singular” does it not, else they’d say, “An Immaculate Heart”, meaning one of several? By contrast, Jesus says “I am the way, the truth, and the life”, meaning the singular way, the singular truth and the singular life, as opposed to, I am one of the ways, one of many truths, and one of many possible avenues to life. And so in the Catholic doctrine Jesus has to become less than what He himself says he is.

      Catholics call Mary “The Mother of God”. Was not your mother, authoritatively speaking, not at least your equal? Catholics also pray to Mary (and to the saints). The (again) implication, if not the outright declaration, is that if you’re praying to someone you are by your actions if not by your stated belief saying that they’re a god?

      Catholics refer to Mary as their “Mediatrix”, meaning, specifically, that if you have a problem between you and Jesus, you can call on her and she’ll take care of Him for you and smooth things over. The (again) implication there? I’ll leave that up to the reader. As with what we call the political left, it’s all about who you recognize, by actions if not fully cognizant agreement, as the authority.

      This is all to ignore the issue of evoking the spirits of the dead (Mary is dead), which is “necromancy” (or “spiritism”), which is specifically proscribed in the Biblical texts as a great evil. If you want a Bible study regarding the state of dead people, that one would be super easy. In short, dead people are dead. There’s nothing left of them, and therefore your ancestors are NOT looking down on you from Heaven (or up from Hell). Catholics, and all other pagan religions, teach otherwise.

      My MAIN POINT, however, is that I am disappointed that some of you choose to engage in Ad Hominem. If you hate what I say, and you’re interested in the pursuit of truth, then I’d have hoped you’d set out on a research quest to prove me wrong! THAT is what I’m trying to do here, most of the time. There are few if any takers.

      There was reference made to hunting, but of course a hunter pursues only that which he wishes to find, avoiding, often skillfully, that which wishes NOT to find.

      I can tell you’ve still never read the “encyclicals” Rerum Novarum and Laudato Si, for example, for there, in the words of their highest earthly authority, you will find much of the current and future agendas of the Catholic Church.

      Regarding me possibly being banned from Joe’s site; he has that right, and all he’d need to do is send me an email asking me to stop. The larger issue of political liberty however, which is a main theme of this blog, is directly and inexorably tied to this issue. The Protestant World having been the freest and most prosperous on Earth for the last 500 years or so, I would hope that more people would be interested in the contrasts between original Protestantism (they’ve all but completely abandoned it as of now) and their most deadly earthly enemy; the institution of the papacy.

      I can sit here and tell you until I’m blue in the face that there is much of significant world history here that isn’t being taught, but until one can get past the desire for the satisfaction which comes from clever Ad Hominem retorts and start digging in earnest, one can never know.

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  3. Hi, Joe,

    A small comment. While I believe the Rittenhouse petition is important – and I signed it – I think the Alison Ayres screed on how they want us dead, is also important and is also worth keeping pinned near the top. (Apologies if I’m misremembering the name). It provides a rather unambiguous context for the greater gun control debate, especially for those new to the site and, perhaps, to gun ownership.

    Thank you for this sitez and best regards.

  4. Yes, I would rather be attacked by a male bear that thought I looked like an easy breakfast. Than a mama bear protecting her young.
    Something a lot of people don’t understand is that woman have the ability to be excellent shots. Once they decide to join in the sport. Their muscle structure allows them to hold on target easier than men.
    They will play largely in the coming debacle.

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