Quote of the day—Tony Middleton

David Dyer-Bennet what you’re doing with oxygen is just WRONG.

Tony Middleton
August 29, 2020
Comment on Facebook.
[This was in response to Dyer-Bennet commenting about my blog post where I said one the terrorists killed should be nominated for a Darwin Award:

I’m really squicked by the suggestion that a guy who used what he had, which happened to be a skate board, to try to stop a rapid-mass-murder in progress, was a Darwin Award contender rather than a hero. Putting others before yourself when you’re in a position to try to stop bad shit is, in my view, heroic.

While I think the comment is hilarious, I think suggesting Dyer-Bennet is a waste of oxygen is going a bit too far. Oxygen is abundant. I could see a case being made for water and, of course, food is a slam dunk.—Joe]


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  1. Context is everything. I remember when I first saw the video of George Floyd on the ground slowly dying. I remember saying “I am so glad I wasn’t there, I would have been trying to save that man’s life, and would have ended up dead or in jail for life.”
    It is only after all the information comes out that you see that the police had done everything correctly up till that point, that they had been dealing with a lying sack of shit for 20 plus minutes before the video started. And that is why we have to wait for the evidence and facts to come in before we leap to conclusions.

    I can easily see somebody thinking that “Skateboard Man” was heroic of the only context they had was The Kenosha Kid being accused of shooting somebody just moments before.

    Unfortunately all of that is BS. Skateboard man, was part of the initial verbal abuse, he was part of the mob chasing The Kenosha Kid down, he wasn’t trying to restrain him, he was trying to kill him with a skateboard. And then to take his weapon away. All of that makes this a good shoot, in my opinion.

  2. Well, the Darwin award is granted on acts, not motivations. Bringing a skateboard to a gun fight is an award winning act. And the idea that firearms can be overcome by mob violence is in the black block manual. And it works quite well, sometimes.
    The real question is. We are learning from your failures. But are you?
    Stopping a rapid mass-murderer in progress? (Talk about conflation and lying to yourself).At the point he was attacked by our winner. Kyle had only shot one pedophile, and was continuing to run away.
    Mass-murder is down at Planned Parenthood snowflake. Or when you Maoist think your in power.

    • We are not at a very awkward part of dealing with the insurrection, and that is what it is. I just made a short post about a first-hand account someone else posted. some of the comments are good, too. Just shooting into a mob of looting, rioting, Bolsheviks bight be justified and righteous, but if you are going to get hunted down by compromised cops and a compromised DA, is it worth it? As individuals it is nearly a no-win situation.

      I’ve seen some people ask “what’s with the umbrellas?” It’s all about blocking your view, blocking the camera, reducing your situational awareness, to provide cover for their actions. It’s clear things are escalating.

  3. I am constantly amazed by the continued miss understanding of the perceived righteousness of Bolsheviks and their misconceived position of power. Skateboard man is the prototypical Bolsheviks bully that had never met someone who was willing to take it to him. Look at his life, it was filled with domestic abuse charges. His whole M.O, was beating on people he thought weaker than himself. That he ended up dead from his own hubris is a fitting end. He is not a hero, he is a thug that that tried his thuggery on the wrong person.

    What the leftist are not realizing is that Kyle is not even a JV player. Don’t get me wrong. I give full credit for keeping his head and handling himself in an exemplary manner. Should I ever get in such a situation I hope I do as well. But what the Bolsheviks should fear is if the Varsity ever gets on the field. The last 19 years have produced 10’s of thousands of very capable warriors that are just trying to live there life peacefully. So they should be very carful of what they wish.

    • I do find it interesting that we have seen lots of examples of the ineptitude of the Bolsheviks over the last few months and I wonder why?

      Is that because they reject everything that generates success – individualism, discipline, hard work, and planning – in other words, what they call white privilege? Or are they just a group of people that don’t really fit in with the demands of our society?

      • I think what we are seeing right now are the useful idiots, expendable pawns, not the real organizers. They are the Brown Shirts that would see their own “Night of the Long Knifes” should the main players ever come to power.

        • But with the media and big city pols on their side, if you kill one of their serial-felon thugs he’ll be a choir-boy martyr and you are the worst person since Hitler started strangling puppies. Yes, it’s a total fabrication, but it’s the narrative many people will believe until they have first-hand experience. The hundred-million vote questions is, then, how many people living in these big cities, seeing this action first-hand, will recognize reality and the lies they are being fed by the media for what they are, and vote accordingly?

          • Even should they recognize reality and vote accordingly, we also have to throw in the media voting hysteria. Will voting really make a difference? And even if it does make a difference, will we have an orderly transfer of power?

    • “I am constantly amazed by the continued miss understanding of the perceived righteousness of Bolsheviks and their misconceived position of power.”

      Don’t be. Do yourself and others a favor; stop being amazed by it and start anticipating it. Don’t you already know that millions, perhaps billions, of people wrapped up in the most atrocious evil never considered themselves evil at all, but righteous? How else to get whole societies to support great evils than to convince them that it is righteousness?

      No one should ever be surprised by that. Is not all of history replete with examples too numerous to count?

      And so we get into the psychology of evil. Usually it is someone convinced, through some form of deception, that the evil he is doing is actually good, or at the very least justified. He is now a “freedom fighter” of a sort, in his own mind. Someone then sees that evil in progress and deems it wise to kill the actor, believing that in so doing he will be solving the problem. But the actual problem (of the original deception), and the original perpetrator himself, remain unaddressed.

      You can’t kill evil, per se, but you can expose it. Well now; that’s a whole other problem then, isn’t it?

      On another note, since you (inadvertently) brought it up;
      I used to refer to my wife-to-be, who would often chime in with facts and such, and served as a school teacher for many years, as “the lovely and talented, Miss Information”. She got tired of me calling her that, asking me to understand her side of the issue (the potential embarrassment it could cause her, and so on). OK; I now therefore refer to her as Miss Understanding.

      The word, “misunderstanding” is quite apart from any of this however.

      Editing, People, editing! Please! It’s worth the extra minute or three! If you have somethig to say, then say it well.

    • “Not a JV player”. Well, if you go by age, I suppose so. If you go by demonstrated skills in combat, I disagree strongly.
      Consider: have you ever met a cop who would perform that well? If yes, is he one in a thousand? One in one hundred thousand?

      • You are correct to estimate the typical “Blue”/Dem controlled urban area cop to not be at the level of Kyle’s exhibited gun skills.

        A major reason for this is the anti-gun bias that got baked into the hierarchy of their police depts by their political masters. Back in the mid 90’s they instituted a hiring ban on those who were part of the gun culture.

        Those who learn to shoot as adults rarely reach the level of skill that a child can attain, and it generally takes a serious practice schedule for them to retain their ability. This is a very expensive endevour, and virtually none of those depts are willing to fund it. (the best is probably the CHP, who mandate a range session every month.) Add in the near universal attitude of those cops as stated: “if the dept isn’t paying me to practice (and supplying ammo) it’s not happening”. I’ve heard the CHP officers bitching about having to hit the range, and they are on the clock. Last I saw data on it, the CHP has a 25% hit rating, versus about 15% for the rest of the country.

  4. What the hell is “squicked”? More made up bullshit words?

    Maybe my limited and provincial socialization has kept me from such Team Elite words.

    Jeff B.

    • It is jargon. From a particular sub-culture. It means “Something that makes your stomach go “squick” when you see or hear it but which is not wrong, just because your stomach says it is.”

      Example: I was a little squicked to see Redshirt’s brains leaking from his nose, but he had it coming to him.
      Example: I was squicked when Pistol thug’s upper arm vaporized but I’m so glad that the Kenosha Kid was able to acquire target and neutralize it.

  5. ..Will
    on September 7, 2020 at 9:24 pm said:

    Those who learn to shoot as adults rarely reach the level of skill that a child can attain, and it generally takes a serious practice schedule for them to retain their ability.

    I’ve been shooting competitively, across disciplines, since age 13. I’m now 62, and better than I was, then. Pistol, rifle, combat shotgun. I seldom compete now, but that’s financial limitations. When I do though? Even firing cold after two or three YEARS off, I’ll finish in the top 1/3rd of the standings.

    I’ll count that as “win” enough for me.

    Except wingshooting. At which I’m mediocre, at best.

    And I am in AWE of the skill, effectiveness and self-discipline of the Kenosha Kid.

    Other than the sheer inhumanity of the effect, I’d damn near endorse a taxidermist mounting the Kid’s kills as Trophies to be hung on the wall.

    *sigh* But, alas. Not even the world’s most talented taxidermist could affix the proper look of “WTF?” surprise, onto those fucktards’ glass-eyed faces.

    We’ll just have to settle for the photos and video montages which ought to live on, evermore.

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

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