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I had seen good still images and a videos of the second and third terrorists Rittenhouse shot and it was clearly self-defense. But the first guy, shot in the head, I have wondered about all day. Was it a justified shooting?

This video (graphic, disturbing content so I’m not embedding it) adds clarity to all the terrorists he shot. [Update: The YouTube account with the video has been terminated. Try this link instead.]

I no longer have any doubts about the justification for first guy downed. Rittenhouse was being chased by multiple people. They guy leading the charge and about to make contact received a grazing shot to the right side of his skull. He, as the narrator points out, was playing a stupid game chasing a guy with a rifle and collected a stupid prize.

This is not to say that Rittenhouse didn’t make an ill advised, perhaps even illegal, contribution to the situation. He deliberate put himself in a position which increased the odds of something like this happening. If he was on his own street instead of 15 miles from home it would look a lot better for him. And what lead up to him being chased by the first set of people? Did he deliberately provoke a confrontation knowing he could come out on top if they “took the bait”? That is still unanswered.

Similar questions could be asked of the dead and wounded terrorists. I know one of them lived a similar distance away. And perhaps all three. They went there, obviously, looking for a fight. They found more fight they they bargained for.

I would like to suggest both dead terrorists be nominated for Darwin Awards.

And here the image that is going to be a classic for years to come. It’s Peaceful Protestor Terrorist number two hitting Rittenhouse in the head with a skateboard a couple seconds before taking a rifle bullet to the midsection and dying:


He should get Darwin Award of the year for that maneuverer.


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  1. It will get worse as we get closer to the election.
    It will explode after the Trump landslide victory.
    Expect more push back from fed up patriots.
    Only overwhelming police/NG force will stop it.

  2. Skateboard guy (H***r) is ineligible for the Darwin Award — he’s already reproduced.

    • OK, Darwin Award, Second Class.

      For conspicuously removing oneself from further befoulment of the gene pool.

      Not as good as a DA1, but by definition, nobody gets an oak leaf cluster on this award.

      • DA1 with Oak-leaf Cluster: for meritoriously removing siblings or one’s one children from the gene pool as well via gratuitous, indeed conspicuously serial, applications of stupidity, above and beyond the normal moron level or ordinary levels of drunkenness.

  3. Andrew Branca says it’s self-defense and not even a close call. Long analysis in says the same. Even the NYFT timeline supports this. The DA needs to be indicted for denial of civil rights under color of law.

    • The DA has deliberately overcharged in order to get an acquittal that will further fan the flames:

      “Look – whitey gets away with it!”

      This is Soros’ DA playbook reaping dividends for him and his ilk.

      • Had not thought of that. It is the sort of devious play they would make, along with the normal “the process is the punishment” sort of BS “reasoning.”

  4. The skateboard culture meets the gun culture. There does indeed seem to be a subculture centered around skateboarding. What I’ll call the “Rebel with a Skateboard” thing, and the slogan, “Skateboarding is Not a Crime” started when; around the 1980s? Or was it earlier than that?

    Anyway; what sort of mindset (or programming) causes one to believe that using a skateboard to attack a rifleman is a fine idea?

    I once heard a man speak at some length about this; he claimed that, if he wanted to, he could start a movement, or belief system, centered around the eating of sand– The answers to the problems in the world, and to one’s personal problems, health issues and so on, could be mitigated by eating more sand, etc. His point of course was that, with enough careful rhetoric, targeting the young and impressionable, and given a generation or two, a significant number of people can be made to believe absolutely anything.

    Bertrand Russell wrote about this in the early 1950s. Considering the Nazis as rank amateurs, he speculated on the scientific application of propaganda, which might have such power for example that people could be convinced that snow is black. He went on to assert that, with the proper application of science and statistics, authorities might come to know the exact cost savings in settling for convincing people that snow is merely dark grey.

    • Nimrod and the tower of Babel come to mind. Seems to be part of human nature. As it can/is used for both good and evil.
      To me, one of the interesting parts of all this is, once again, one must chose to whom one will bend his knee?
      Not much new under the sun, it appears.

    • We’ve been told for the last 20 years that, when a mass shooter is loose, to use whatever weapon is handy in an attempt to stop him from murdering more people. The folks who attacked as he ran had been told to stop him because he shot some people, so they apparently felt that it justified trying to stop the gunman at all costs.

      If it was anyone else, you’d call them heroes.

      • Rittenhouse was clearly not a mass shooter. It was only when he shot the second and third terrorists that what you claim could have any validity. At that time he was running toward the police. What mass shooter does that?

        Furthermore there was never any shooting at innocent people. He shot only when was it was clear that he was threatened with serious injury or death.

  5. Joe, your point that all came from out of town is well taken. And regardless of what went on before the shooting. Facts are being chased is an act of aggression of it’s self. Rittenhouse was running away. They couldn’t just let him go?
    To me, that’s the self defense. He was running away. End of story. No one had to go after him.
    And in those acts we see the true nature of what’s actually going on here. What they saw was something they could intimidate. Young, white kid with a gun. Perfect target. How the Maoist media would have loved to report a white, armed militiaman was chased,(coward), and beat down,(defeated), by the heroic people’s army!
    Big mistake not disarming us first.
    But intimidation is still the goal. Watch for a change in tactics.

    • Those are not skaters. They are thugs who use skateboards as weapons because they aren’t illegal to carry. Same reason if you carry a baseball bat in your car, make sure you have gloves and balls in there to do your lawyer a favor.

  6. DA1 with Oak-leaf Cluster: for meritoriously removing siblings or one’s one children from the gene pool as well via gratuitous, indeed conspicuously serial, applications of stupidity, above and beyond the normal moron level or ordinary levels of drunkenness.

  7. Seems some of the blame for this outcome belongs to the police. He was helping guard an auto dealership, according to other reports, and walked off a bit to talk to a roving police patrol that was delivering water to them, and the on scene cops wouldn’t allow him to rejoin his group. This forced him to attempt to walk to a safer area, and the result was the continuous attacks on him, resulting in him finally being forced to resort to his gun.
    Amazing restraint on his part, in my opinion. If that had been me being attacked like he was, there would have been a trail of bodies along that street, most likely.

    • Turns out he left his guard position to assist some injured people. He’s an EMT, and he bails during an interview to run across the street to help, and while he was busy with this, another police group arrived and kept him from returning to the auto business. Told him to go away. That shoulder bag is his medical gear.

      He works in Kenosha, the rifle was loaned to him in the town, and it stayed there, apparently.

      During that interview, he points out he has an overwatch, basically a sniper located on the roof of the auto business. He should have had a partner at street level, in addition to the overwatch.

  8. This seems to be the best video analysis of all of the shooting videos.

  9. The FACTS don’t matter. Facts haven’t mattered for a LONG TIME.
    Maybe this kid should have stayed home…..the “Mostly Peaceful (sic) Protesters” should have DEFINITELY stayed home. The FACT is Kyle Rittenhouse committed NO CRIME by being on the scene and unless further evidence to the contrary can be produced committed NO CRIME while DEFENDING himself from three CRIMINALS….ALL THREE having criminal records and ALL THREE engaging in violence against people and property. But FACTS do not matter so Kyle Rittenhouse will be CRUCIFIED by the “system” while the three CRIMINALS who assaulted him will be deified. Folks….America as we knew it is dead. If we don’t clean house, eliminate the garbage and rebuild it it’s NOT COMING BACK.

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