Quote of the day—Lauren Footman

The disease of racism spreads in an America where justice, fairness, and the rule of law do not work for everyone. The system is not broken — it is working exactly the way it was designed to. This is the same system that first enslaved Blacks, then segregated Blacks, then imprisoned Blacks, and now blatantly kills them.

Lauren Footman
May 2020
CSGV Responds to Unrest in Minneapolis and the Arrest in Killing of George Floyd
[What? Please show me where, in the U.S. Constitution and/or Federal law, it is “designed” to spread “the disease of racism”.

One has to wonder what color the sky is in Footman’s universe. She’s working for CSGV (Coalition to Stop Gun Violence) and, as we know, delusions are common in the anti-gunowner crowd so it wouldn’t be too surprising to see the delusion extend into this context as well.

But more likely than Footman being delusional, is that she is deliberately trying to destroy our country. Anti-gun as well as insisting the country as designed is fundamentally at odds with equality before the law can only mean one thing as far as I can tell. She wants a completely new design for our country. And the quickest way to accomplish that is to destroy it.

Fanning the racial tension flames, without evidence to support racism was even an issue in the precipitating event, is worse than actual racism. It’s deliberate deception which directly lead to the deaths of dozens of people and 100s of millions of dollars in property loss. It’s easy to conclude this is by design.—Joe]


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  1. Especially seeing as how the numbers don’t add up for their “argument”.

    Friendly Reminder: Multiple Studies Don’t Back Up Any of the Black Lives Matter Talking Points
    (townhall.com link.)

    An excerpt…

    “About twice as many white people as black people are killed by police. “In fact, in about 75 percent of police shootings, the decedent is not black,” says Andrew McCarthy, a columnist with the National Review.”

  2. She’s either an idiot, or evil. She’s reading a script designed to divide and weaken. But given the fact that as near as I can tell, even in “good” school districts, factual accuracy is not an actual expectation of their teachers (I’ve asked for clarification all the way up to the director of teaching and learning, and the question has failed to elicit any useful response), it is not a surprise that their logical skills are sub-par, and factual basis more than a little compromised.

    It’s not the system so much as the people in the system who don’t actually follow it the way it was designed. That may be rectified, soon. https://ho1.us/2020/05/166378-sealed-indictments-on-may-1st-2020/

    • Hahah no. Sorry, I’ve been teased so many times at this point, I’m not buying anything till I see some actual perp walks and orange jumpsuits.

      Till then, you can file QAnon stuff in the same place as the magic TANG memos and the MJ-12 file.

  3. Well, on the face of it. Floyd was murdered. The perp was arrested. He will be tried and convicted. Punished. What else can one reasonably expect of society?
    No, what were seeing in every western country right now has NOTHING to do with racism.
    Communism uses whatever division it can to destroy civilization.
    Talk about removing statues. Anyone trying to get rid of Lenin’s in Seattle?

    • Supposedly, the cop was doing things as trained/by the book. Don’t expect a conviction until a second Federal level trial (Double Jeopardy, anyone?). Look up the history of the Rodney King cop trials. Took a kangaroo court trial by the Feds to put a couple of cops in jail. The problem was the tv news that only ran a portion of the video of the arrest of King. Deliberately designed to inflame. When the first jury was shown the full video, that ended the trial. The news people should have been put up against a wall and shot.

      • News people should be put up against a wall and shot. There, fixed it for you.

      • As trained? That’s not what we’ve been told.
        If it’s true, then those who wrote and approved the training are accomplices before the fact.

        • The (left-wing) paper in Minneapolis published the relevant sections of the police procedure manual. You need to take a hard look at who is telling you things.

          I was suspicious from the beginning because all previous similar cases were based on monstrous media lies.

          As for who approved the training, Minneapolis has been run by Democrats since 1961 except for one day in 1978.

          • Interesting. The claim came from various police chiefs, including the useless one in Boston.

          • The IACP has a set of protocols that excludes that technique. But it is voluntary as to whether individual cities follow them and Minneapolis didn’t. I assume the police chiefs you heard do follow those protocols. I heard the Director of IACP explain this.

  4. Indeed, she needs to show one example of institutional racism to have any credibility.

    Hint: the sad fact that blacks have lower socioeconomic achievement overall compared to other ethnic/cultural groups is fully explained by their choices.

    The self-inflicted obstacles of fatherlessness, abortion, low educational levels, drug use, criminality, and voting Democrat are their choices, not mine. Where people do discriminate against them, it is only a tiny part of their failures. The truth is painful.

    • TO be fair, many of their choices, like out-of-wedlock childbearing and abortion, are the rational short-term response to the various programs Democrats have implemented and maintained. Their design is a “feed the bears and make them dependent,” so they can be destroyed in the long-term approach.

      The Dem social welfare net has many perverse incentives built into it, and they are responding with understandable short-term decision-making. Compare all the important stats – employment rate, marriage rate, murder rates, etc., for black Americans in 1955, and compare them to today. They are all worse as a result of the various government programs. That is not an accident.

      • Absolutely true. I did not go far enough with the linkage of the dysfunction and dependence, being tied to horrific Democrat policies. The real racism is delivered by the Democrat party.

        Still, we are all responsible for our life choices, even if the deck is stacked against you.

      • There’s a quote attributed to Lyndon Johnson (possibly made up, though it has the ring of truth as so many of these do) at the signing of the 1965 Civil Rights Act, to the effect that “we’ve now purchased the n***** vote for the next 200 years”.
        It seems that the actual purchase term was more like 50 years, and many of the current Democrat policies are designed to renew the purchase. The “reparations” canard is a particularly blatant example, but there are many others and they all have the same purpose, and the same evil consequences.

        • I feel that “reparations” were paid in full in the blood and treasure expended in the American Civil War.

          Emancipation was effected by the Republicans.

          All the subsequent civil rights denials were the focus of the Democrats (e.g. KKK, segregation, and affirmative action since it put in place a new set of racist policies).

          The misjustice of making people who never had anything to do with slavery pay those who never suffered from it is a moral abomination. It will start the Second American Civil War if it is enacted.

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