Quote of the day—Thomas Sowell @ThomasSowell

People sometimes ask if I have tried to convince black “leaders” to take a different view on racial issues. Of course not. I wouldn’t spend my time trying to persuade the mafia to give up crime. Why should I spend time trying to convince race hustlers to give up victimhood?

Thomas Sowell @ThomasSowell
Tweeted on June 7, 2020
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4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Thomas Sowell @ThomasSowell

  1. just a wonderful comment. what else would a person expect from sowell?

    a cut out of the old cloth.

  2. We live in a society where victimhood is celebrated and is a source of power. WTF?

  3. It is true; there’s no point in trying to convince the generals, lieutenants and other commanding officers that they’re fighting for the wrong side. They’ve worked hard, and sold out much, to get their positions and the benefits which come with them. And they know what happened to MLK Jr. after he stood up for righteousness. They will have been convinced (through deception) that they’re in too deep, even if somehow their minds were changed. But we can expose the towering hypocrisy and evil which they sustain.

    They claim to want the end of discrimination, but will not cease in highlighting differences and keep alive past grievances while they agitate to pit race against race. They claim to want “advancement” of colored people and yet their policies have degraded their education, gutted their family structure and ensnared many into supporting an authoritarian system. They’re even beginning to re-segregate schools that the civil rights movement of the 1960s risked so much to de-segregate. They shout “black lives matter” while black babies are aborted at far above proportionate rates, and black men and women are murdered in greater percentages in their own neighborhoods. The false “black leaders” reject the proven and true solutions, while embracing and doubling down on the same policies and dogma which led to these problems. Their effects have been more damaging to people of color than the KKK could ever have managed on their own.

    We know for certain then, that the improvement of the lives of black or colored people is not their aim. Rather, it is the strengthening of an authoritarian system which is their singular agenda, and they use race merely as a convenient leverage point.

    The race agitation in America is however only a small piece, one of a myriad of tactics, in a worldwide agenda; to use any and all means necessary to bring the world under one system. That system will be a melding of church and state, all governments and religions, into a totalitarian system more powerful and terrible than the papacy of the Dark Ages;

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