Quote of the day—Viscount Halifax

He mobilized the English language and sent it into battle.

Viscount Halifax
Referring Winston Churchill’s speech in the movie The Darkest Hour.
[For Valentine’s Day Barb and went to this movie (she chose it). It is a very good movie.

Mobilize the English language and send it into battle. This what gun owners need to do. It is either that or face our own darkest hour and/or a bloody war.

I have often thought something like that is what I was doing. I try look at things, change the point of view, and articulate a vision which makes obvious we have the high moral high ground, we should always attack, and we must always make our enemies defend.

But I had never articulated it even one tenth as clearly and succinctly as Halifax did in the movie. The movie inspired me. Henceforth, I will make better use of words. If these words are properly crafted into powerful weapons of war we can win the battles needed to defeat the forces of evil in this country and avoid a war of bullets and blood.—Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Viscount Halifax

  1. Mobilize the Perfect Laws of Liberty and send, nay, bring, those into battle. Without the fundamentals, the foundations of principle, even the best command of the language is worthless.

    To wit; the Allies, in spite of having “won” W.W. II, were already going down the rathole of socialism and as countries we all continue to do so today. Grab the text to Donald Trump’s inaugural speech, forget who it was who made the speech, and just analyze it sentence by sentence for its ideology. It is virtually pure national socialism.

    “MAGA” is no different from “Fundamental Transformation”. Both are crafty uses of language, both leave the hearer to decide what they might mean. What is, or was, “great” about America? Transformation FROM what, TO what? Whatever your secret fantasies desire. It doesn’t matter so long as you shut up and sit down and allow them to further their own cause of authoritarianism.

    And so if W.W. II was a conflict between good and evil, then look around you today and tell us which side has prevailed? What happened to the American founding principles and tenets, and what happened to Hitler’s Marxist/socialist/communist/authoritarian thinking?

    When both “sides” of the “conflict” are essentially Marxist, for whom should we cheer?

    I submit to you that the dream of rebuilding a model of Ancient Rome, having the whole world under its influence, and it lasting a thousand years and more is not only alive and well but it has made great progress since 1945. Not only that but millions and millions of Jews and Christians have been murdered since 1945 and the process is still on-going.

    (Oh, and look at our U.S. Capitol city architecture, and the symbology in and around the place, and study it’s history, and tell me the fantasy of Rome, or Ancient Egypt, or Babylon, hasn’t been driving things in this country even since it’s inception. Take a dollar bill out of your wallet and look at that, too. That shit doesn’t end up in those places all by accident. It has been very carefully chosen)

    No, Young Grasshopper; there is no “winning” or “losing”, and your skills and cunning are for naught, or are co-opted, until you truly understand which side you’ve chosen. Once you have that, the use of the language will flow naturally as a result.

  2. A few words for people not attuned to picking sides: it’s a stain on our collective soul that we somehow find virtue in demanding that our children remain defenseless, save for the shields provided by the bodies of our valiant teachers.

  3. Gary Oldman did a wonderful job of researching that role. There is a brief shot in the movie of Churchill fidgeting in his chair and tapping a heavy ring on the arm of the chair. That comes from Oldman sitting in Churchill’s actual chair and noticing the dented wood that would result from that sort of activity.

  4. We saw it on date night too. Great job by Oldman and the writers!

    I loved how they didn’t whitewash Churchill’s shortcomings and faiilures and celebrated his principles and passion.

    The right man at the right time.

  5. “The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning
    words you can control the people who use those words.”
    Philip K Dick

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