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Because for govt to do so, it acknowledges firearms as a legit tool for defense from tyranny. In doing so on practical levels it empowers the populace. If I want dominance, I can’t have young minds that aware. Gun control, is about PEOPLE CONTROL. #StayWoke #BlackGunsMatter

Maj Toure‏ @MAJTOURE
Tweeted on February 15, 2017
In response to Valerie @swannoir27 who said, “It’s always seemed obvious to me, we could protect our schools. Why aren’t we?”
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


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  1. “We” are protecting “our” schools. For criminals.
    By making them “gun free” zones, we ensure that only law the breaker will be armed.

    Think about this very carefully; from the standpoint of an authoritarian with lust for total power and no regard, rather contempt, for human life, what could be better than this? After every mass shooting, you (as the authoritarian Man-hater) get all excited and then call for more of the things that led to it. You get to see people die, you get to see people traumatized, you get to advance the policies and theologies that lead to these deaths, and you get to advance your own power. Everyone in the fray forgets about such silly abstracts as liberty and the U.S. constitution. This is all your great accomplishment. What could be better?

    And by the way; every “conservative” pundit I heard yesterday came out in favor of more gun restrictions or more purchasing restrictions of some kind, all in some sort of “enough is enough” rationalization. Michael Savage even played the old, “I’m a gun owner. I like guns. I’ve been a gun owner all my life…BUT…” trick.

    There is not one voice in national media that believes in constitutional principles (many say they do, but all are quick to compromise), and so it’s all up to us nobodies.

    What’s going to happen next is new legislation to screen buyers using some national mental health database. At that point it’s a steep, slippery slope because in the thinking of anyone in government you have to be crazy to want a gun. If you want a gun, you’re crazy, and since you’re crazy you can’t have a gun. Thus you’ll see millions of people declared as mentally deficient in some way within a very short time. Republicans will support it overwhelmingly, because who doesn’t want to be loved by Marxists, occultists and anti-Americans, am I right?

    • Not quite every pundit. On Brett Baier’s panel at least one person (Judge Napolitano?) mentioned “the Israeli model” described as locked school doors and some of the teachers carrying concealed.
      And today’s WSJ editorial come with the sub-heading “The one solution that works is shooting back at shooters.” (Though the text says “There is also an interim solution against murderous assailants: shoot back. There is evidence it works.” — the “interim” part doesn’t make sense and isn’t discussed further.)
      Finally, the LA Times (!!) published an op-ed that is quite balanced, though it dismisses defensive arms as a good solution with an argument that doesn’t hold together. Now admittedly that’s an op-ed, but still, seeing the LA Times publish that at all is quite a surprise.

  2. A similar situation existed in the deep south with discrimination against blacks in schools, stores, swimming pools, restaurants, the media, etc. It was MUCH worse than just the schools. That was changed via the Federal government changing the law then backing it up with force, up to and including the National Guard. Our schools can and should be made to change in a similar way.

    • Clearly the 2nd Amendment requires that schools let teachers carry if they wish to. And clearly that is binding on state and local governments — via the 14th Amendment even if you ignore the plain English of the 2nd. So a Federal mandate would be entirely justified.
      That said, I’m not sure the situation is quite as bad as you stated it. I just ran across an article in the Denver Post from a while back, describing a defensive gun training course run for school teachers at a rural high school in Colorado, with the full support of the school and the Sheriff, not to mention a great deal of support from parents. Leftist cities may be a different matter, unfortunately, and they are the ones more likely to need the change.

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