Overheard at work

Boss Lady: I used to run explosives through the TSA.

My ears went up and I listened in as she was telling a co-worker about going through the TSA a few days ago. It turns out that she used to work for Homeland Security and one of her jobs was to test the TSA. This time she wasn’t working for Homeland Security and her pre-check card had just expired (it was her birthday). The people at SeaTac TSA remembered her.

She got “special treatment” even without the pre-check card. It just wasn’t the kind of “special” she was expecting.


3 thoughts on “Overheard at work

  1. Lyle, do you think “effectiveness” is ANYWHERE on a TSA performance report?

    Went through TSA yesterday, I have to hold my tongue when my daughter asks questions about those goons.

    • Effectiveness? Of course not. It’s a government agency, and effectiveness is not a goal of any government agency. Well, with the possible exception of the DoD, or at least some parts of it.

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