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The schizophrenia of the gun controller is bizarre.

The writer makes an excellent point about if the gun control people were concerned about saving lives they would be for more aggressive police methods. Yet the same liberals that advocate for draconian gun control are often the same liberals at Black Lives Matter rallies chanting “F**k the police”.

Similarly, if they were truly concerned about saving lives they would be advocating for more people to have concealed carry permits, since statistically people legally carrying handguns are much safer than the unarmed victims. Yet the gun controllers fight concealed carry laws too.

So since it is obvious that they are not about saving lives, one has to ask
“What do they really want?”.

Steve Gilbert
November 7, 2017
Comment to Why Gun Control Loses
[I have frequently asked, “What is the real reason?” The reason I “ask” this rhetorical question because I think it is more effective for people to have their brain working on the question than to assert the answer. I suspect this is particularly true in the case of people who are undecided or not firmly committed to either side of the debate.

Here is a sample of my asking this question:

There is a Steven Gilbert who has commented on this blog before (and here). I wonder if it is the same person who commented on the National Review article above and was inspired by my continued harping on this rhetorical question.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Steve Gilbert

  1. Your continued rhetorical harping on this subject is a concise summary of the illogic of the gun control advocates. There has been nothing new, not a single new idea, from the gun control crowd since before Heller was decided. They reuse the same old debunked and discredited ideas again and again as if THIS time they will become somehow valid. I suspect they are using the old “You can fool some of the people all of the time” cliche, especially regarding themselves, and hoping it will change just long enough into “You can fool all the people some of the time” to enact their agenda.
    To hell with them all.

  2. One could write a fairly large book, chronicling the assertions of the left as opposed to their actions, and demonstrating how and why they don’t really mean what they say. Their rhetoric is all about selling points for things they’d never be able to sell if they were honest about their intentions. That’s why I started my Left-Speak translation page (though today it needs several new entries, the corruption of the language being an on-going project).

    I’d noticed, since childhood, that a lot of the hype never matched the action or the circumstances, and, most importantly, that there was a clear pattern to the madness. “Peace”, for example, was one of the first things I noticed as being all out of whack with reality. That was from the Vietnam War era. The “Peace”-marchers were also the rioters and the bomb-throwers. I later determined exactly what it means, based on decades of the repeated behavior of calling for “Peace” while ignoring genocides, Soviet military expansionism, and all the rest. Teaching kids to live in morbid fear of “global cooling” from my childhood went to “global warming” and then to “oh, what the hell, climate change”. As one assertion is discredited they’ll pick up with another one, keep a straight face, pretend nothing happened, and not even skip a beat.

    The pattern is consistent. It is consistently pro-authoritarian (pro-central planning, anti-liberty and thus anti-American).

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