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Sociopaths will inherit the earth.  We are built for the chaos to come.  We are built to benefit and thrive in this new land of opportunity.  We must begin to raise our brothers and sisters through the ranks and teach them to function.  The Trickster’s Path can help those that need to find their way.  There are other sources, other ways.  We must find the way forward.  We must be placed to take the power that is ours by right.  The flies have ruined our world, ruined our societies.  It is time a new people take dominance.

We must be the guiding light, and iron rod.  Many of us are in positions of power already, we must unite under our own flag.  Emotions and fear have ruled this world for too long already.  It is time for the hyper-rational to take their turn.  In the chaos that will come we must lead.  We must be the spiders placing ourselves in the darkness for our prey.  We must spin our webs, and make our plans.  If we wish to truly dance in the ashes of “civilization” we must be ready.

Alcibiades Anon
July 5, 2017
We Must Prepare for the Chaos and Violence to come
[Be careful what you wish for. This applies to empaths, sociopaths, conservatives, progressives, libertarians, everyone. There are many political factions and none appear to have a majority of power. If the rule of law breaks down too far then who and what emerges from the ashes may be something quite different than you imagined, or even could have, imagined.—Joe]


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  1. I’m having trouble imagining sociopaths (as I understand the term) working together for any length of time. The question is not if but when one of them will discover a reason to betray the rest for his own gain.

    • They also tend to have visions of grandeur and megalomania. This doesn’t mean they couldn’t cause a lot of damage.

      And I’m not sure you are correct. Their tendency for hyper-rationality may allow them to form a bond of the form “hang together or be hung together” in such a scenario. Read Confessions of a Sociopath to get a better understanding of them and their potential to be highly functional in society.

      • Yup; a pack of dogs, some benefitting by leading and others benefitting from being led.

      • Sociopaths = hyper-rational? I think they might have delusions of that, but those delusions have no connection to reality that I can see. Perhaps they mean hyper-rationalizing.

        • It shows up best in decisions where empathy would have a tendency to have a strong influence. Think of the CEO who has to lay off a third of the company to save the company. Or the lawyer who does the best job possible to defend their despicable client. Or the military commander who sends a team on what he knows is suicide mission but will save many other lives or enable a win of the battle.

          • I don’t get it. “Sociopath” is not a term I would apply to any of those cases. They all sound like good people doing their duty in a nasty situation. As I understand it, “sociopath” means a person with a mental defect that causes him to be unable to function correctly in society. Those examples don’t fit that description at all. The original quote does, however, since it talks about someone who thinks he can “take power that is ours by right”, i.e., delusional about what the power of government comes from and the fact that dictators do not have any right to live.

          • The Sociopath personality disorder is a spectrum like Asperger’s. And there are probably two or more vectors by which it must be measured. Some people who clearly measure as sociopaths are quite functional in society. They even excel in some professions. The professions best known for having high functioning sociopaths are CEO’s, lawyers, and military leaders.

            A brief overview of their traits is here.

            Read this book. An excerpt is here. I also follow her blog.

            I didn’t know it at the time, until I got severally “burned”, but my best friend in the mid-1980’s was a sociopath. I’ve had an interest in them since then. For many years afterward I wanted to kill him. Even over 15 years later, when I had to work in the same office with him, every time I saw him I had repress a reflexive impulse to draw my gun and put a bullet in his head.

            After reading the book I realized I could have avoided getting so badly hurt and had a beneficial, to both of us, friendship. They can’t be trusted in a normal manner, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a useful place in society when handled correctly.

    • Think “Hollywood.”
      They pack up to prey on the weak and get their perverse jollies while making a living and providing each other with cover and a mutual façade of “public respectability.”

  2. “Emotions and fear have ruled this world for too long already.”

    That much he got right, but he doesn’t understand how. What he’s proposing is taking advantage of emotion and fear anyway, to gain the advantage, so he doesn’t really understand his own words. Nor does he understand the fact that he’s emotion-driven himself (the emotions in this case being pride, and lust for power and false authority).

    “Hyper-rational”, like most other words, can be interpreted very differently by different people. What is “rational” to one is bat-shit crazy to another. Progressives, Nazis, Fascists, communists, socialists, the KKK, Keynesian economists and Eugenicists (but I repeat myself) have all considered themselves very rational, as no doubt did Ted Bundy and other serial killers. To know what is “rational” one must first understand the nature of one’s own motivations.

    His last paragraph there pretty much describes the Democrat Party leadership, the Obama and Soros “network of associations”, the faculty at many of our universities, the upper management in nearly all media, the jihadists, the “RINOs”, and a number of gun owners and preppers. It’s a statement of how power corrupts and absolute power (or the longing for it even though it doesn’t exist) corrupts absolutely.

    So we have our work cut out for us, certainly. Many of us are just waiting and watching, aware of the general trend but not seeing a course of action that can stop the avalanche.

    Some of us don’t know, however, which side we’re going to fall on. We may think we do, but that’s one of those “unknown unknowns” Rumsfeld mentioned. Be very careful about seeing yourself as “rational” as anything can be, and in fact already has been, rationalized.

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