Quote of the day–Neal Knox

As I pointed out during the October 1985 testimony before Hughes and Rodino, the proposed ban couldn’t possibly reduce crime with licensed machine guns, since there was none. Further, their bill was an admission that the 50-year-old National Firearms Act had demonstrably failed to reduce crime with machine guns. Those facts made no difference, for the anti-gunners’ objective is not to reduce crime, but to get rid of guns.

That’s not alarmist rhetoric. It’s both a logical conclusion and an historical fact. No matter how restrictive a gun law exists, the anti-gunners always come back for more.

Neal Knox
September 26, 1987
Keep The Second Out Of Court–For Now
The Gun Rights War, page 177.
[Emphasis in the original.

That was almost 25 years ago. The big deception of the anti-gun people is still alive today.

We need to kill it. We need to drive a stake in it’s heart. We need to bury it. We need to build a monument on it’s grave to all the tens of millions of people whose murder was enabled with gun control.

About 10 years ago I told Alan Gottlieb the gun rights movement should start a national campaign with the slogan, “What is the real reason?” Sell or give away T-shirts, put up billboards, advertise in newspapers, magazines, radio, and television. Ask the anti-gun people, “What is the real reason you want to restrict firearms?” We have hard proof that it is not about reducing crime. There has to be another reason and they aren’t telling the public what that reason is. Force them, through public pressure, to disclose that reason.

Alan was of the opinion that it was too difficult to get the message across. “What is the real reason?” makes sense to us, but to the vast majority of people it would pass right over the top without even ruffling their hair.

I wonder if times have changed enough. The Internet makes it easier/cheaper/faster to get the message out. Perhaps now is the time to start asking that question.–Joe]