7 dead, many more wounded, it’s the internet’s fault

Predictably, another attack occurred in London this weekend. Theresa May did at least mention radical Islamism as a problem, but went on to call for more police powers, and to blame the internet.

Centuries upon centuries of Islamist aggression and murder, and it’s the internet’s fault. Your freedom, and mine, is to blame.

One report claimed some fifty shots were fired by police to stop three Muslims armed with knives. I could understand that number of shots if they’d been taking return fire, but against knife wielding punks it seems like an awful lot of shooting.

At least one person was wounded by police gunfire. When that happens (and it sometimes will) and it’s a police bullet, it is a footnote. If a regular concealed carry holder in America were to do the exact same thing, never mind that lives were saved; the howls of accusation would last for weeks.

Practice on moving targets. Aerial clay targets are good, if you can find a place to do it safely;

With only a knife, it is relatively easy to murder innocent, unsuspecting people, in a country that talks about freedom and rights but has forcibly disarmed its citizens and practically turned self defense into a crime.

The Brits have invited this upon themselves with their idiotic policies and their embrace of Progressivism, and we in America are not far behind. They’ll ramp up their police state, clamp down on the internet (control of which has been coveted by authoritarians since its inception) spend more of their tax payers’ wealth, and accomplish next to nothing.

Once again, as always it seems, at least one of the perpetrators was known to the British security network. The result of that knowledge was that they were able to say, after the fact, that they’d been watching that person.

The only way jihad will ever stop is if they’re all convinced that it is utterly hopeless, or foolish, or morally wrong, to continue. There are several ways to accomplish that end, only one of which involves a commitment to total extermination. Theresa May eluded to one of them, but I don’t believe that there is currently a government on this planet that is either principled enough or committed enough, or politically capable of any of those ways.

Maybe it’s not really a government’s problem to solve. What was that saying? Something about a people, or ideology, or process, which created a problem will never be the one to solve it.


6 thoughts on “7 dead, many more wounded, it’s the internet’s fault

  1. Having spent years in the ME – starting around ’83, I can tell you that the way this gets stopped is that when a terrorist is caught his directly and indirectly connected family gets the ax along with the terrorist(s) And that is THE. ONLY. WAY. this will ever be stopped. The strong hand is the only hand that muzzies accept/understand, starting with Mo himself.
    And since isn’t going to happen – at least possibly when Iran uses their bomb on an American city or two, we can look forward to reading more stories about London, Paris, Boston, and New York.

  2. The number of shots is not hard to believe and much more accurate than the NYPD would have done.

    Pistol caliber rounds are not known for immediate stoppage so it would make sense to keep shooting till Omar lays on the pavement and stops twitching.

    • Actually, I thought it was even worse than the NYPD numbers. Given European police training practices (or lack of same) it’s not surprising.

      Note that the police counterattack took 8 minutes to start. “When seconds matter, the police are only 8 minutes away”.

      Nowhere in any of the discussion about what to do about this is the one thing that would help: restoring the right of citizens to self-defense with effective tools.

      • http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/nypd-84-shots-brooklyn_us_55ec4b31e4b093be51bbb978
        Police shoot 84 time for 1 hit.
        A response time of 8 minutes would be a little under what you would expect from a major metro area.
        According to American Police Beat, the average response time for an emergency call is 10 minutes. Atlanta has the worst response time with 11 to 12 minutes and Nashville comes in at a lightning speed of 9 minutes.
        Agree 100% on restoring the right of self defense.

        • This was 30+ years ago, but when I lived in Kirkland, WA the police told us their response time was right at two minutes. They were extremely proud of the time. But when someone is slashing at you two minutes would still mean the police initial task would most likely be to secure the area and draw a chalk outline of your body.

    • “Pistol caliber rounds are not known for immediate stoppage…”

      At the time of the post I had not heard anything about the type(s) of firearms used, nor do I know what firearms are in general use by such responders in Londonistan. If they’re not using at least a 5.56 NATO (1,000 ft lbs, or more than double the energy of a typical service pistol round, and with far more practical range and accuracy) with a quick acquisition optic, they’re behind the curve.

      But of course their whole society is operating behind the curve; they’ve embrace Progressive Marxism while paying lip service to freedom (blatant hypocrisy), they’ve disarmed their citizenry and they’ve been importing terrorists with what looks like eagerness. Now they’re sitting ducks, and no amount of police state tactics can even make a significant difference.

      I can only conclude that all of this is deliberate, as a way of turning the West into a veritable third world look-alike. Progressives hate what they define as “inequality” (of outcome) and since they’re not interested in the system of liberty and respect for human rights, which would heal the third world, the only other option is to bring down the West, meaning Judeao/Christian Civilization.

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