The future of the violent left

In Portland today:

What began as a tense exchange of name-calling and profane insults took a turn when counterdemonstrators began throwing glass bottles, bricks and balloons of “foul-smelling liquid” at officers, Portland Police said. Officers used pepper spray to push back the counterdemonstrators and closed the park where they had gathered, threatening to arrest anyone who remained.

In addition to the arrests, a large pickup truck flying two large American flags cruised past hundreds of anti-fascist protesters and honked its horn. Several people in the group ran up to the truck and ripped out the flags, bringing them into the crowd as others applauded. Others threw multiple large water bottles, sticks and other projectiles at the truck, which then sped away.

Why are progressives so violent? My hypothesis is that we have the fundamental reason, and there is a much more recent reason which has bubbled to the surface.

The recent reason is the loss of political power. Not only are they very weak at the Federal level they are losing big time in the states. They are nearly frantic about making “progress” and they are visibly losing political power. Without political power they are increasing, as historically they have always done, the criminal violence.

My prediction is that this most recent turn to violence will further decrease their political power and after another election cycle or two (two to four years) the criminal violence will decrease as they become aware that their actions are making things worse for them. Between now and then there will likely be some heavy violence but law enforcement and perhaps the National Guard will keep it fairly well contained.

The simple explanation is that these thugs are breaking the law. They don’t have the political power to change the law or, in most areas, cause the laws against street violence to be ignored. So eventually they will tire of the tear gas and jail time. They will then resign themselves to having lost the current (5th generation) war. They may only go into seclusion and pursue a 6th generation war, but they will dramatically scale back the violence.


7 thoughts on “The future of the violent left

  1. The Portland “Antifa” thugs committed Robbery 2, if the accounts I read are valid. Theft using force and/or violence, not using dangerous or deadly weapons. We shall see if the Multnomah County District Attorney is as keen to prosecute these robbers as he was to prosecute Michael Strickland. Not holding my breath, I am.

    The Left IS getting desperate. Their showings of thug violence have NOT brought them their desired results, and I will make a prediction: We will see this “Resistance” (an Insurgency, really), ally itself with Islamic extremists such as ISIS.

    Marxism and Jihad are made for each other, and the history books show this. The National Socialists of Germany (aka, Nazis), allied themselves with the Grand Mufti of Egypt and created havoc throughout the Caucasus. Saddam Hussein’s political party, the Ba’ath Party, is a more current example.

    The Islamic “religion” will forbid this alliance, you say? One of their pedophile prophet’s favorite sayings was “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

  2. If it were easier for them to see who their “enemies” are, we wouldn’t see so much demonstration violence and we’d see more violence against individuals like the Brown Shirts, and before them the Black Shirts, committed. If they were sure of immunity we might see meetings broken up and people tied to lampposts and dosed with castor oil (which can prove fatal as well as embarrassing).
    George Seldes’s “Sawdust Caesar’ and “The Coming of the Third Reich”, the first volume of Richard Evan’s great trilogy, show some ominous parallels to the left today.

  3. joe:

    they are violent because we don’t shoot enough of them. if we shot them on a regular basis when they pulled these “highjinks,” they wouldn’t do it so often.

    violence goes both ways. it will come back to them, in spades. being a martyr is a damned good thing, as long as you are not the one who is the martyr: a little bit of that goes a long ways.

    john jay
    milton freewater, oregon

    • I think successful prosecution of them with heavy fines and lots of jail time will work well too. It’s more costly but it will generate a lower class of martyrs.

  4. So far they haven’t committed very much gun violence, though. So there’s that.

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