When will it stop?

It happened again. Someone on the political left went on a mass shooting rampage. Almost all mass shooters are from the political left. And although it doesn’t show up in the major news media reports I have seen so far it is clear this was a political act:

“A guy…walked up to us that was asking whether it was Republicans or Democrats out there,” Representative Ron DeSantis told Fox News Wednesday morning. “And it was just a little odd then he walked towards the area where this all happened.”

This is consistent with my prediction of 10 days ago. I expect it will continue to escalate. As long as people let law enforcement deal with those on the left who initiate violence, other than immediate defense of innocent life, the left will continue to lose supporters and political power. In another couple of election cycles the Democrats will be approaching third party status. Then the violence of the left will fade and mostly stop.

Update: The shooter has been identified as James T. Hodgkinson. And, as expected, he was on the political left:

James’ Facebook page is full of posts that are anti-Donald Trump, including one from March 22, which reads, “Trump is a traitor. Trump has destroyed our democracy. It’s time to destroy Trump & Co.”

James was a supporter of Bernie Sanders.

But, so far, and as expected, this hasn’t been reported in the major news outlets.


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  1. Some of the stories point out that the only reason it wasn’t worse is that there was security present because some of the attendees were “leadership”. No mention of whether any of the attendees were prepared for self defense.
    Maybe this will get Congress to pass Constitutional Carry for D.C.

    • This happened in Virginia.
      The Republican Representative (Scalise) is the Majority Whip which position is the #3 spot in House leadership.
      But, yeah, unless Scalise had been there, no ‘protective services’ would have been normally present.

      There is nothing I know of (having been a resident of Virginia awhile back) that would have kept anyone there from having a non-resident Virginia CC permit, if they lived in DC or Maryland. But which of them would’ve been armed while playing baseball?

      I’m a bit perplexed that none of them thought of pooling their assets and paying out of pocket for hiring an off duty policeman or two as security just on general purposes. Of course, that would have one conclude that most politicians, of any party, have more than two brain cells they can rub together.

      • I suspect a problem for Congressmen is that they spend part of their time in DC, so they’d need a non-resident DC permit also. Do those exist? I don’t know, if I had to guess I would guess no. But Congress has the authority to impose that, and should (for everyone, of course). They might need a Maryland permit too, if their work takes them there at times.
        It’s true that carrying while playing baseball is not practical. But it would have been perfectly practical for the non-playing bystanders, of which there were several. It would be logical for congressmen to carry, and to encourage their staff to carry. Or even to require — it would be a good test of the fitness of a staff candidate to ask the candidate’s view on carrying. And yes, hiring a security guy would also make sense.

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  3. “In another couple of election cycles the Democrats will be approaching third party status. Then the violence of the left will fade and mostly stop.”

    Don’t forget; their voting constituency may continue to shrivel up, but they still own all of the Old Media, all of public education, and nearly all of the entertainment industry. They own the infrastructure of communication and they write most of the software for it.

    No; the violence won’t fade. Not before it gets much worse. The rhetoric of violence is still very much alive, and growing, even while the Democrat Party is losing. The Party and their Media are still escalating it. Every Republican policy, such as one can be identified, will result in death and destruction. Not only will children die as a result, not only will the air and the water become spoiled, the very survival of the planet is at stake if Republicans get their way.

    From the point of view of anyone who takes Democrats (or any leftists) at their word then, what’s a little bit of killing, or even the destruction of the United States, or the Western World, if it saves the planet from the crazy, killer Republicans and the racist, sexist, bigoted, oppressive, colonialist white men?

    From their perspective, any problem you may have with the violence is because you either fail to understand the situation or you’re in with the Republicans on destroying the planet for your sick fun and profit.

    No; the violence will not fade away until the Radicalizing rhetoric dies down, and the rhetoric of hope and liberty takes its place.

    • I did say the violence will increase and not decrease until they realize it is counter productive:

      Without political power they are increasing, as historically they have always done, the criminal violence.

      My prediction is that this most recent turn to violence will further decrease their political power and after another election cycle or two (two to four years) the criminal violence will decrease as they become aware that their actions are making things worse for them. Between now and then there will likely be some heavy violence but law enforcement and perhaps the National Guard will keep it fairly well contained.

      The simple explanation is that these thugs are breaking the law. They don’t have the political power to change the law or, in most areas, cause the laws against street violence to be ignored. So eventually they will tire of the tear gas and jail time. They will then resign themselves to having lost the current (5th generation) war. They may only go into seclusion and pursue a 6th generation war, but they will dramatically scale back the violence.

    • Will the Democrats fade over time? Perhaps not. For one thing, they own a large fraction of the national propaganda outlets. Perhaps more importantly, they own machines in many states to bring in the fraudulent vote. This is why they work so hard to obfuscate the fact that the issue exists in the first place. “There is no evidence!” Well actually, yes there is, and the reason there isn’t more is that you have worked so hard to suppress the research.

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