Violence Alert: Communist Mr. Kit O’Connell’s Ready To Bash Back To Survive

Update: Kit O’ Connell has publicly corrected his error. Thanks, Kit! (Scroll to bottom of this post to view his acknowledgement.)

Dear Kit O’Connell,

You were wrong when you posted a photo to Twitter, declaring, “Oathkeeper with his hand on the trigger of his assault rifle, defending literal nazis”. Here’s your tweet regarding last weekend’s anti-Sharia law rally in Austin:

Kit O'Connell's twitter post says, "Oathkeeper with his hand on the trigger of hi assault rifle, defending literal nazis. #antifa #Islamophobia #Austin" Oath Keeper standing peacefully, practicing safe handling of firearms, as evidenced by finger off the trigger of his gun.

Kit, being that you’re a self-proclaimed journalist, I challenge you to the following:

1. Correct yourself. Oath Keeper has his finger straightened alongside the frame of his gun. His hand is not on the trigger. Nor is his finger. It’s physically impossible for Oath Keeper to get his hand (five fingers) on the trigger. That’d be like fisting a trigger. There’s simply not enough space. Learn the basics of gun safety.

2. Recognize that Oath Keeper Jay Stang is defending free speech, peacefully monitoring the protestors. In a any crowd, it’s nearly impossible to decipher each person’s specific viewpoint. However, when your group raises a hammer & sickle flag, there’s no doubt: you’re sick enough to hammer into our heads that you stand for land-grabs and death camps for dissenters.

Though Mr. Stang disagreed with your perspective, he peacefully defended your right to free speech, even though during an interview, you repeatedly screamed, “F*ck you!”

3. Answer this question: “What’s a literal Nazi?” Just curious. Literally, I’m curious.

4. Assess your contradiction of defending the 1st Amendment, but not the 2nd Amendment. You state you’re “openly biased toward human rights and equality.” Your writings reflects otherwise. Guns are the great equalizer. Sort it out.

5. You’ve declared yourself to be a hands-on gonzo journalist. So do it. Get yourself to the gun range to face your irrational fear of firearms. Even if you don’t aspire to own a gun, at least learn gun safety basics, so you know what you’re talking about, when you write about guns.

You say you’re “proudly disabled, polyamorous and queer”. Yawn, snooze, snore. As you’re well-aware, those three self-declared factor categories make you an easy target for gimp bashing or gay bashing. Checkout the Pink Pistols. Their motto: Armed gays don’t get bashed.

Be pro-active. Refuse to be a victim. Learn self-defense. Stop whining. Go to seminars held by  Black Guns Matter or Operation Blazing Sword; OBS’s basic mission: We teach LGBTQ how to shoot.

You might think gun owners/instructors are Nazi redneck racist gun nuts, but after training with OBS or BGM, your stereotypes will be quickly shattered. These gun teachers understand the value of human life — all lives — and the importance of self-defense.

Your website reveals you’re for hire. That means you need work, and are likely living on a meager budget. Great news! OBS & BGM don’t charge for their valuable services.

6. Chill out. You’re on the verge of violence, as evidenced by your tweet:

Kit O'Connell's tweet says, "Their frog Memes and "ironic" racism are backed with real blood, death and suffering & we will bash back to survive. #PRIDE #CounterACTHate"

Kit, do you really want to bash someone just because they’re not a Communist?

Whatever the case, you’re unstable. The world doesn’t need another mass shooting from the political left. Given your agitated state, I doubt a gun instructor would let you hold a gun in your hand, even if your finger is off the trigger. Don’t let that deter you. You’ll still gain valuable to knowledge if you learn gun safety. It’ll help reduce your fear of guns, so you’re not triggered when someone’s openly carrying.

7. Wear some yellow-tinted gun safety glasses. It’ll go well with your crushed velvet jacket, and blue Antifa neckerchief.

A portrait of a violent communist wearing a blue crushed velvet coat and holding an amber-handled cane, as he gazes out at the waves on Pensacola Beach, Florida on January 25, 2015.

Image credit: Jane Michael Stallings


Hunter S. Thompson, here and there with aviator eyewear

Hunter S. Thompson, Father of Gonzo Journalism. Image credit: Sunglasses ID

Kit, good luck. I look forward to reading about your gun range experience, and how you connect with Operation Blazing Sword, Black Guns Matter, and Pink Pistols.

Readers: Peaceful people we are, let’s meet Kit’s madness with gladness. He’s a ticking time bomb, ready to explode. Let’s dismantle this time bomb, before another Communist goes on a killing spree.


——– Update: Kit’s correction:
Kit O' Connell says: "I've deleted the tweet and publicly acknowledged my error here..."







25 thoughts on “Violence Alert: Communist Mr. Kit O’Connell’s Ready To Bash Back To Survive

  1. Jay Stang was there defending Kit O’Connell’s right to speak freely without the government censoring what he says or approving it before he speaks.

    I’m sure that Mr. O’Connell, in spite of his association with the red flag of Communism, approves of people owning land and things, so long as the government regulates every aspect of what that owner can and cannot do with it.
    That fits President Reagan’s definition of a Fascist, as well as the Italian Fascist and German National Socialist practices, the latter two being organizations O’Connell would recognize as fascist.

    Therefore, in defending the rights of Kit O’Connell to participate (however crudely or childishly in the political process, Jay Stang was in truth and fact, defending a literal Nazi.

    Of course, while O’Connell is so proud of having disabilities, the one disability he seems proudest of is the one he didn’t mention, the inability to think clearly and use facts and logic to arrive at reasoned and reasonable conclusions that are defensible without resorting to pre-Kindergartener tactics.

    • * Not a CARD CARRYING Nazi, that’s a different matter. But for someone who checks all the boxes and makes all the arguments, O’Connell is one.

  2. I’d think to be a literal Nazi you’d have to be German.

    It is the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (National Socialist German Worker’s Party) after all.

    The American version was the German American Bund, which kind of still means you’ve to have German roots…

    Raising the hammer and sickle? Well, it was the left who decided that the viewer got to decide the intent of the flag-waver when they started after the Confederate Battle Flag. I’ve decided that it means famine and murder on an industrial scale where Hitler was just an “also ran” when it comes to the numbers killed. Anyone flying that flag wants to see me dead.

    • Yep. Or perhaps they’re just in psychological denial that the Nazi’s were _socialists_ i.e. LEFT WING. It’s probably the same brain defect that allows a bunch of Left-wing Totalitarians to call themselves ‘anti-fascists’ while ranting about Jewish Capitalists and breaking windows and burning businesses.

      The only people that could have ever truthfully called Nazi’s ‘right wing’ were the full-on communists in Germany at the time.

      Never ceases to amaze me how ignorant the Left is of basic history.

      • Never ceases to amaze me how bad nearly everyone is at history, left, right, center, even history “professionals.” I know a lot more than most, and I keep learning new things. Ever stop to ask yourself “why did the Germans hate the Jews so much, or why the Russians hate them so much today?” Right or wrong, such feelings do not simply spring into existence from nowhere.

      • I can’t find a citation, but IIRC, Stalin was the first to call Fascism a “right-wing aberration of socialism.”

  3. Seriously What The Fuck is wrong with these fucked up people we apparently have in this Great Country. This is America Idiots – We dont believe in being a fucking Nazi , a Communist, a retard Socialist , a Crazy fucking Jihadist . These are the fucks that dont belong in this Country . We are Free Here and shouldn’t have this ruined by these FUCKED UP PEOPLE and im sure i left out a few more groups of wacked fucken people. If we keep letting these idiots run wild with unamerican bullshit ideas and the ones who harm innocent people because of religion. This country we know as the United States of America is Done. It has never ever been this fucking bad and if we dont stop it . God Help Us

    • The problem is much the same as in every great empire: we have had it very easy for way to long, and the natural consequences of stupid actions have been reduced too far, so there is not the normal culling of the idiots. People not at the top want to be at the top, and if things are good then they need to invent or cause crises to take advantage of. If that means destroying what made the nation/empire great and safe to start with, well, so be it. Seeking power in such a way is not rational from a group perspective, only an individual perspective. It’s emotional, not logical. They are driven by emotion, and use others who are as well.

    • Patriot, one of the ways I find hope and try to keep cool is in knowing that peaceful secession is an alternative to civil war. I remind myself that I don’t own this county. I just happened to have been born here. I cannot control others, but I can control how I respond towards others.

      It’s obvious Kit is misled. And he’s angry as hell. But he did admit his mistake, and that’s a huge step.

      My motto: It takes two to tango. It also takes two to tangle.

      I’m not threatened by Kit. Sooner or later his tactics will wear down. The goal here is to deescalate a situation before someone explodes.

      • Peaceful secession: yes, and if CA decides to ask for that it may well be granted. (I certainly would support it.) On the other hand, secession was violently suppressed by the big state the first time it was asked for, and it might well be again.

      • It takes two to tango, true enough. But it only takes one to wage war. If the other surrenders the field, they lose.

        • I think the point is that secession requires the agreement of the other side, while civil war only needs a warmonger at one side.
          If secession is answered by “over our sons’ dead bodies!” you end up with civil war instead.

  4. “You say you’re “proudly disabled, polyamorous and queer”.”

    This is where you can safely ignore anything they have to say.

    Not that disabled, poly or queer folks shouldn’t be listened to, but when they throw it out there as an obvious LOOK AT ME I’M AN OPPRESSED VICTIM card, you know exactly what’s going to come out of their mouth, and it’s only use is as fertilizer.

  5. Thanks for a very clear and cogent analysis of this self-absorbed and selfish individual. It amazes me that so many people can be so deluded as to fail to understand the fallacy of their beliefs when exposed to such accurate analysis as Stephanie has provided. I think we are left to look on them with sadness for what they are missing in life while simultaneously being prepared to defend against their willing encroachment or outright denial of our God given liberties.

      • Did he also apologize for saying that the Oathkeeper was there to be “defending literal Nazis”? I didn’t read where he apologized for that. I mean, the Oathkeeper was there to defend any Nazis who showed up, but he was also defending the right of everyone there to speak freely. By only mentioning defending Nazis in his original statement, O’Connell implies that the Oathkeeper was as partisan as he is, and was only there to defend the Nazis (whoever they were).

    • Thanks, Powerwagon & Paul.

      Once upon a time, I was a self-proclaimed liberal (the borderline socialist type, not the classical liberal type).

      I had such a bad case of socialism, that, back in high school, I owned a subscription to Nation Magazine, donated money to The Southern Poverty Law Center, and read Ms. Magazine. I spent my hard-earned babysitting money on silly things like a memberships to Greenpeace and PETA.

      One day, a kind, patient person took the time to carefully point out some liberty basics. I’d never been exposed to such concepts or ideas — at least not in a gentle, polite manner.

      This person didn’t scream at me, or call me names. He encouraged me to read Harry Browne’s How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World.

      My life was forever changed. I admitted my mistakes. It was a starting point.

      Communists can be flipped.

      • Your experience mirrors that of my wife, and she credits me for taking the same sort of approach you described. Yes, dialogue can work. It does require a person willing to listen. Unfortunately, today’s schools aim to train students to be unwilling to listen to dissenting views. In many other countries, dissenting views are already illegal.

        • True. It’s getting to the point that a dissenting opinion is hate speech and therefore violence not protected by the Constitution, and it is therefore appropriate to meet such “violence” with real violence.

          • Of course, the problem there is in the absurd notion of “hate speech” and further more the equally absurd notion that “it is not protected by the Constitution”. Constitutionally, speech is speech, and inquiring into the motives of the speaker is a legal absurdity. And speech is protected, period.
            The root cause of course is that progressives hate free speech in all its forms, and invented the fake category of “hate speech” for the same reason they invented the fake category of “assault weapon”.

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