Good plans and crazy psychology


Nobody is talking about gun control in San Bernardino. Here’s why

As a financial aid administrator at a local community college, Melissa Contreras has gone through a number of active-shooter trainings at work. But this shooting hit a little too close to home for her. One of Contereras’ neighbors across the street, a mother to a 22-month toddler, was gunned down in Wednesday’s shooting.

“I have never in all 39 years in my life thought to pick up a gun,” Contreras said. “But now, I want to sign up for a class to learn and train to use one.”

And from the New York Times:

In Wake of Shootings, a Familiar Call to Arms Drives Latest Jump in Weapon Sales

“What if someone comes after me or my family?” said Janet Winkler, a grandmother who was shopping for bullets to fill the revolver inside her purse. “I used to never carry it to Target or to Wal-Mart, but the way things are, after all that’s happened, now I do.”

In the wake of mass shootings in Paris, Colorado Springs and San Bernardino, Calif., Americans are once again arming themselves — stocking up on guns and ammunition, bringing weapons into their daily routines and requesting refresher courses from firing ranges.

Thinking of both self-protection and the threat of new gun laws that could follow the San Bernardino shooting that left 14 people dead on Wednesday, much of the country is rushing toward guns rather than away: Gun shops from Texas to Maine have all recently reported increased gun sales, and in some cases, sheriffs have even urged residents to arm themselves.

It is all part of a weapons boom that has been building for weeks. More Americans had their backgrounds checked while buying guns on Black Friday than on any other day on record, according to F.B.I. statistics, which showed a 5 percent increase over Black Friday last year. In all, 185,345 people had their backgrounds checked on Black Friday alone.

Good people implementing good plans. It should help. There will still be losses on our side but it should reduce the kill ratios.

But what amazes me is the how the anti-gun people conform to the psychology described in the book When Prophecy Fails:

These five conditions specify the circumstances under which increased proselyting would be expected to follow disconfirmation.

The conditions are met and these people follow the psychology.

The majority of the people recognize gun control is a stupid response to the attacks and the anti-gun people respond with increased proselyting. And yet, with all these people believing buying guns, getting trained, and carrying them wherever they can is an appropriate response to terrorist attacks The New York Times thinks it is plausible, appropriate, and politically possible to ban gun ownership of the most popular rifle in America?

As I said yesterday:

The anti-gun people are on a downward slope to oblivion and the NYT editorial is the shrieking as they approach the abyss.

They literally do not know how to think rationally. They have crap for brains. They cannot determine truth and falsity.


15 thoughts on “Good plans and crazy psychology

  1. 1. No, liberal progressive Democrats are not logical in their thought processes.
    2. No, they cannot do math.

    • 3. They are completely ignorant of economics, too.
      They are completely ignorant of the EXISTENCE of economics, and apparently worship John Frum, believing that if they sit and make the right noise, Cargo will come without them actually making any cargo.

      • THIS.
        I’ve described Cargo Cult to people before and had them laugh at anything so absurd, ridiculing those stupid islanders. Then I ask them about something I’ve seen them do or support with no apparently understanding of underlying technology or economic decisions and tade-offs (or more commonly the position of a politician they support), and asked them how if it was different in principle.

        They don’t seem to like that.

  2. “It is all part of a weapons boom that has been building for weeks.”

    Naw; since late summer or fall of 2008.

    Buying a gun is an OK response to attacks on your neighbors, but a better one is to take the gun you already have, go out and confirm your zero and do a little practice.

    And GO HUNTING. I tells ya; nothing helps flush out your weaknesses than facing unknown, unpredictable circumstances, dealing with them on the fly, overcoming them under time pressure and shooting for blood. Do it often. A freezer full of wholesome meat is good too. If you’re going to shoot at a shooting range, do it in all weather in all lighting conditions, and mix things up as much as is practicable. Still it’s rare that in range shooting a target will suddenly appear out of “nowhere” while you’re occupied with something else, sense your presence, and begin to take action.

    The difference between driving your own actions and being driven by circumstances cannot be over-stated. There is a “zone” or state of being in which your actions are driven by circumstances (the appearance, presence, location, awareness and demeanor of your target in this case) and yet you are in command of the outcome. It’s something you only notice after the fact. It’s walking a knife edge, but it is that very thing that is required in a defensive situation, and nothing that I know about comes as close to that as hunting.

    Dangerous game hunting would be closer still, but we have little opportunity for that. I hear they have some very large boars around Kerrville, TX.

  3. “The anti-gun people are on a downward slope to oblivion and the NYT editorial is the shrieking as they approach the abyss.”

    Can I give them a tiny nudge, please, please?

    • Our sales (firearm accessories) over the weekend were treMENdous. An 80 something year-old, one-handed lady my daughter has been working for asked us yesterday how she could go about getting her concealed carry permit. Those aren’t nudges, but they are developments. I think people are getting the nudges on their own.

  4. When Prophecy Fails is now on my kindle. Judging by the online excerpt and the comments on the Amazon page, most leftists will be sure the ideas apply to us right wing nut jobs, but will never imagine that their own beliefs could ever be disproved. Thank you for yet another reading suggestion.

    I do need to get out to the range more often. I would like to have additional guns, but it is probably more important to maintain and improve my skills.

    • Now just add “SJWs always lie” and “Cuckservative” and you’ll have a pretty good manual on how the left-wing mind works.

  5. On a slightly related note, as more and more people are buying guns, here’s another one for the “Nobody wants to take your guns” files – Huffpo calling for complete “disarmament”. I’d love to give it the good fisking it deserves, but don’t have the time right now.

  6. I relocated to California because my chosen profession is here now. Lived in Pennsylvania most of my life. CalGuns gave me the opportunity to direct their Women On Target program and business is booming. We have bookings into next year, have increased class sizes from 16 to 20. CGSSA is now an approved vender for the Girl Scouts in Los Angeles. (That took a lot of work) I am hearing that the largest membership in the NRA is now California, and they still have the sole remaining members council here.
    All I can do is educate, and train, and educate some more.
    All my instructors are volunteer.

    We need to arm and train the women. They vote and are the majority.

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