That’s interesting

I always enjoy my visits with the FBI. We have such interesting conversations. But when they come by I would prefer they at least say hi.

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13 thoughts on “That’s interesting

  1. Funny thing is it isn’t coming from a search engine, and isn’t a deep link. That means it was likely direct entry, and that means a fan.

    • Perhaps. But a security sensitive shop would use browsers that don’t send a referring URL, since that’s a potential leak of sensitive information.

  2. I forget, do the Feds block access to firearms websites for general personal use?

    • I don’t know, but my employer blocks some, by an incompetently administered filtering system. Joe’s blog isn’t on that list, though, nor Oleg’s, nor Robert Avrech’s. But some others are, which is why I keep Tor handy to get around that stupidity.

    • …do the Feds block access to firearms websites…?

      Not as a general rule, but each office supervisor can apparently make it up as they go.

      There was never a block on my military access, but we were well advised of the penalties for accessing ‘adult’ sites.

      BTW, Clarksburg WV is the where the FBI NICS center is located.

  3. You know the FBI is now administered by Obama’s people, which would mean essentially Alinskyites. I wouldn’t trust them with the time of day.

  4. Almost 45 minutes poking around. I didn’t think this place had that much content……



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