The setup, the pitch, and… WHACK!

Home run!

“The nationalized preschool promoters, led by feckless bureaucrats who piled mounds of debt onto our children with endless Keynesian pipe dreams, claim that new multibillion-dollar “investments” in public education will “benefit the economy.” But ultimately, it’s not about the money or improved academic outcomes for Fed Ed. The increasing federal encroachment into our children’s lives at younger and younger ages is about control. These clunkers don’t need more time and authority over our families. They need a permanent recess.”

I was just telling my daughter on the way in this morning that you need to look past the authoritarians’ rationalizations, dismiss them out of hand, and look instead at their behavior and results over time. Then you see the disease for what it is. Malkin is exactly right; they need a permanent recess.


5 thoughts on “The setup, the pitch, and… WHACK!

    • Excellent essay!.

      And yes; this applies to EVERYTHING.

      I love the notion that current students in our current police state schools will be sitting in the jury boxes judging their former overlords.

  1. How does taking funds out of the economy an d putting them back in, less skim, stimulate the economy more then leaving them in, in the first place ? Does this suggest that it is the skim part that is the important feature to these people.

  2. From a multi-millionaire politician, to an unemployed fry chef with a masters degree in art, NOBODY votes for socialism or Keynesian economic plans with altruism in their hearts.

    They are ALWAYS planning to fuck the other guy and at WORST make out the same, but generally they see a way to game the system.

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