Quote of the day—L. Neil Smith

I also declare that, like murder, crimes against the constitution have no statute of limitations (and never can, owing to the matter of conflicting interests involved). Those in the school system who smugly believe it’s smart or cute to strip away childrens’ rights for the sake of administrative convenience (or plain old sadistic pleasure) will someday face those former children in a jury box, possibly in a small town in Pennsylvania that will lend its name to the Nuremberg II tribunals.

L. Neil Smith
October 14, 2007
And Sow Salt on the Ruins
[It’s a really, really small town. But the sweetness of the name and the location, a little over 100 miles from Philadelphia, give it great weight in the venue selection.

H/T to Paul Koning in the comments.—Joe]


One thought on “Quote of the day—L. Neil Smith

  1. If not here, then in the hereafter. The murderous SOBs who kill the innocent will burn in hell.

    Those who enabled them (i.e. those who created the horrible GFZs) will share some of the culpability. Remember the admonition that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I would add that it is black-topped with ignorance and political expediency.

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