Universal symbols

Quote of the day:

It’s the intentional symbol for, “I have no penis”.

JustHereToGloat @ToGloat
Tweeted on February 3, 2023

It’s not only another Markley’s Law Monday, it is another science denier!

He was responding to this tweet:

I’m old enough to remember when members of Congress wore flag pins instead AR-15 pins on the House floor.

I presume he meant “international” instead of “intentional”. But attention to detail is not something you should expect anti-gun people to be good at.

Actually, (plagiarizing Greg Hamilton) it is the universal symbol for, “LEAVE ME ALONE!” Note, it is the precursor of the universal symbol for, “LIE DOWN!” People only need to be taught the latter symbol once and they remember it for the rest of their life.


4 thoughts on “Universal symbols

  1. It is ironic to think that the most attention this man will get is when he advertises his shortcomings on the Internet.
    Fear of weapons is a sign of arrested development and immature sexuality.

    • It’s also good he understands his limitations. Someone that oblivious to the world around them?
      Need not be around sharp objects either.
      Some people are just comfortable being useless idiot commie NPC’s.
      If he doesn’t like us, he sure as hell ain’t going to like chairman Xi, or Klaus Schwab.

  2. 2 Pennsylvania REPUBLICANS cross line to vote for more gun laws – 5/22/23
    Votes also taken to ‘ claim ‘ all is Constitutional even after objections.
    This week is it !

    Red Flag laws , UBC & others.
    HB – 1018, 338, 714, 731

  3. I thought the international symbol for ‘I have no penis’ is a can of Bud Light.

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