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By “ Wealthy Nations “ you mean France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Poland, Italy, and such?

The same nations the United States and others had to fight to liberate from fascist dictators? The same nations that saw extermination camps to remove people that were seen as undesirable? A genocide far outstrips any gun massacre?

Let’s not mention that these nations today don’t for fill their promised contributions to the defense of their nation, instead depending on the United States for protection?

I’m sure they feel so superior sitting on the sidelines telling us how to live.

Grant Sulham
April 28, 2023
In answer to the question:

Will Americans have to come to terms with their rights to own and bear arms to stem gun massacres over time and join other wealthy nations with smart federal gun control laws and regulations?

I strongly suspect many of the questions on Quora are trolls or people creating questions for something they want to write about. Still, I like the answer.

A more succinct answer would be:

We have smartest federal gun control law in the world. It is called the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, “… the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”


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  1. Indeed!

    As I (and many others) have pointed out on Quora, one extreme position would be to allow no one to own guns for any reason… and some countries (disastrously) do this. The other extreme would be to REQUIRE everyone to own guns and to be trained in their use… and some countries do this (and, in general, are better places to live than the other extreme).

    A compromise between these two extremes is not to require anyone to buy or own guns, but to allow those who want them to do so. This gives everyone the freedom to be armed if they do choose, and to be unarmed if they prefer that.

    We call that compromise The Second Amendment.

  2. And also, in the middle of all the European turmoil from the last century. We find Switzerland. Where fighting age males are taught to fight. And required to be ready to fight.
    Where even today machine guns are stored in people’s houses all over the country, ready for action.
    And while their neighbors murdered each other by the millions around them. And for all the high-handed bluster of that time. No one seemed in a hurry to go after their little Swiss territory.
    (It seems there is a lesson there even a thick-headed communist can understand.) (Well, maybe not AOC type communist.)
    It’s empirical proof that 2A’s “the right of the people to keep and bear arms”, works very well, everywhere it’s tried. We just need to figure out the penalty, for violating the “shall not be infringed”, part, is up to us to enforce. Whatever it turns out to be.

    • Somebody wrote once that the Swiss during the Cold War talked a good game of being neutral, and trading with anyone, but their missiles were always pointed East.
      As MTHead and others on this blog imply, there is a lesson here for anyone with a brain.

      I think that AOC and the Jihad Squad, the Leftist European nations, and Leftists in general, are relying on the better nature of others. As Robert Heinlein wrote once, that’s a bad policy; they may not have one.

      • We may have a better nature now. But historically we lose it in a hurry.
        The border invasion will do it.

  3. And per capita, those “wealthy nations” have similar mass shooting incidents.

  4. You might be amazed at how amazingly ignorant many people are regarding history…even recent history. There are people out there who can’t answer even the most fundamental questions about things like WWII and other 20th century major historical events. These are the morons who parrot the bullshit the media feeds them constantly.

    • That ignorance has been created deliberately. The Left began taking control of the education industry in the late 1800’s. They have had about 130 YEARS to subvert the teaching of History here in the USA.
      In the 60’s, it was obvious that my high school textbooks didn’t match the history books in the school’s own library! Other than STEM classes, the average teacher was not very bright. On purpose. Smart ones might notice awkward differences in data.

      • And one of the biggest tricks was to grind you in the minutia. Take an historical event. Then send hours talking about troop movements and other minor parts of the event till your class is ready to fall asleep. And never get to the main reasons/objects.
        Like being told all about the battle of Bullrun. And never being told about slavery or northern aggression.
        One can turn off a 12 year old faster than a light switch.

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