How’s that Gun Control Working in England?

Where there is a market there will be a supplier:

Aman will appear in court after National Crime Agency officers uncovered what they believed to be a specialist factory in south London for converting blank-firing guns into lethal weapons using 3D printed parts.

Unfortunately the criminals will be far more likely to acquire the firearms than their intended victims. This is for two reasons:

  1. They are less inhibited by the law than the average person.
  2. They know the general population will be unarmed, and hence the armed criminal will gain a huge advantage over their victims.

8 thoughts on “How’s that Gun Control Working in England?

  1. Addendum to #2: Because legal, usable arms are banned, criminals do not need particularly good-quality guns to enjoy a sizable advantage over the law-abiding, disarmed subjects.

    Thus a drilled-out starter pistol fitted with 3D-printed parts — an almost-laughable excuse for a weapon in most of America (NY and CA notwithstanding), and likely to fall apart after just a few shots — is more than sufficient in The Place Where Great Britain Used To Be.

    Heck, given both their disarmed status and their apparent fear of most or all firearms, a “Home Depot Special” — a single-shot shotgun fashioned from two iron pipes, a nail, a 2×4, and some pipe strapping — is sufficient for criminal use.

    But that’s what happens when you strangle your gun culture and ban “nice” guns. Any piece of junk that can shoot a few rounds becomes a terrifying weapon.

  2. The entire point of the laws is not to disarm criminals….who pose no threat to the criminals in power. It’s to disarm US.

  3. For the criminal the gun is a business decision, and therefore a business expense. For the law abiding, the people without guns, it is a decision to buy something that will sit in a box and pose only problems, particularly if it is illegally possessed.
    The Criminal will have the gun possession charges pled away, and someone who might want one for defense against criminals will have the possession charge pursued with the full force and power of the law, particularly if the initial offense was a citation or a misdemeanor.

    • Thanks for putting this so succinctly! You are correct about this basically being a business decision. For most criminals, banning firearms does little to change the risk/reward ratio of owning a gun, and if anything it biases it toward rewarding gun ownership. For your average, peaceful citizen any kind of firearm ban dramatically shifts the ratio towards risk and as a result, you only disarm the people are the least likely to commit violence.

  4. Doesn’t matter. England is soon going to be an African colony run by muslims elitists anyway. (In the most twisted irony, like, ever.)
    What was that bible verse I keep hearing; “They keep saying, peace, peace, when there is no peace.”
    But more to the times. “When guns are outlawed, your just going to have to be an outlaw.”
    That’s the way they do it in Africa, after all!

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