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We don’t think you are going to give them up.

We are going to take them by force.

Confidential informant -> No Knock Warrant->Swat Team -> Trial > Prison.

Dark Garland™ Official @DarkGarland
Tweeted on March 6, 2023

Who is this “we”? And I see the process a little differently after a few raids.

Attack on innocent people –> SWAT communications jammed –> SWAT vehicles disabled with .30 and/or .50 caliber AP rounds –> SWAT team members go down –> survivors surrender –> Trial of survivors and those who sent them –> Prison and/or executions.

Don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.


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  1. In addition, I’d expect a version of a DDoS attack against the “snitch hotline”. So many fake calls — including against SWAT members and BATFE agents — that they can’t tell what’s real and what’s not. Reduce the signal-to-noise ratio to near zero.

    Oh, and there’s an “anonymous” app, too. That could be fun.

    Plus, we’ve all been over the math before. The only way door-kicking raids go well is if they can get everyone done before word gets out, which is flat-out impossible. As soon as people know what’s happening, they start shooting back, and there are a LOT more HANSOBs (Heavily-Armed Non-compliant Sons Of B****es) than there are SWAT team members.

    And at that point the HANSOBs have nothing to lose.

    • We don’t even have to outnumber them. We just need to take out 10% or so, and that is when combat ineffectiveness starts to kick in, historically.

    • Maybe.

      One of the speculated reasons for “allowing” the mass invasion with Military-Age Males across the border, often giving them a phone and now shipping them all over the country (more than 2/3 going to conservative states these days) is to create a mass bunch of hit-teams. They hang out for a few months, get the call with an address and a picture, they pick up a gun at a designated location, go and knock off the designated target. There are now MILLIONS of illegals, including more than 2 million MAMs in the last year.

      If you assume many are Cabal assets hiding among a sea of normal human locusts, a million expendable/deniable hit teams changes the battle-field calculous considerably. If they manage to knock off a few hundred thousand run-rights leaders on the first day, how’s the rest of that scenario game out for you?

      • Illegal aliens are subject to the draft. They can’t re-enlist, and they can’t be promoted beyond E-3, but they can be compelled to do one term of service. And that ‘one term of service’ can be stop-lossed. Alternative would be going to prison for both draft-dodging and being an illegal alien, then deported..

        All it would take is to activate selective service and allow as an exemption “being gainfully employed”. Oooo… illegal aliens can’t be lawfully employed.

        If you’ve been asking “the gun-grabbers and what army”, I’m thinking that’s in the hip pocket.

  2. “Dark Garland” is some late teen or early 20’s gamer boy with severe delusional issues. I’d put about as much faith in his prognostications as I do Biden’s assurances.

  3. Confidential Informant -> Warrant -> SWAT Team -> Ventilated Stack -> Funerals -> Families of uninvolved cops hit -> Informants in Ditches -> Mass Desertions from cops -> FREEFOR forces volunteering as “informants” using their gathered intel on local commies

    Repeat until collapse.

  4. You know what will make there less SWAT members willing to do this?

    Making it well known that they can, at any moment, decide to turn state’s evidence, “arrest” each other for their part in a violation of 18 USC 242, (enhanced by the “attempt to kidnap” component of an unconstitutional arrest , which upgrades the offense to qualify for the federal death penalty), release themselves on their own recognizance, then they can go and arrest everyone involved in ordering them out on the hit as Principles to the crime under 18 USC 2.

    I like the idea of giving the SWAT guys a option to surrender. I like even more giving them the legal framework to go burn the rot out, right down to the roots.

    I also like putting doubt in the true believer’s mind that not everyone on their team will have their back. Since we are talking about a felony-class federal crime, they might be shot in the commission of said crime… by a law enforcement officer who observes the commission of that crime.

  5. That guy is hilarious! Especially this one “we need to stop coddling them”, in light of, “didn’t you guy’s learn anything from Waco and Ruby ridge?”
    And from 1,000 instances where the government shows up murdering innocent people for little to no reason.
    Like the lesson of Lavoy Finnicum? One might as well go down shooting. That one?
    And Waco, When they want a truce, because their out of ammo. and want to pick up their wounded and dead? Fuck’em, let’em bleed. That lesson?
    Maybe herein lays a lesson for you. Those millions of AR15’s are because of Waco and Ruby ridge?
    And any SWAT team member with half a brain shits himself every time he hears morons like you talk the way you do.
    Like Josey Wales said; “Dy’in ain’t much of a living, boy.”
    Stack-up, or shut-up, darky.

  6. This DarkGarland doesn’t seem to understand the police force very well. My sister, who is swat, would hand in her badge first. As would her entire team…

    • Look at how many went along with enforcing mask mandates and took the vax, though. Many are sick with sudden new maladies, and really need the health-care bennies work provides. How many will actually turn in the badge when push comes to shove. There were a LOT of people calling for the unvaxxed to have their kids taken away from them, and for the unvaxxed to be put in camps, lose their job, and all the rest. MOST will follow orders, specially if the economy is bad and people are desperate. This is a demoralized and largely conquered country ruled by people who hate us.

      • FWIW – when the Nazis took over Western Europe, they did not have to replace those country’s police forces. Just added some Gestapo and SS leadership above the existing hierarchy. Then the officers pretty much did what the Germans wanted. Not many resigned.

  7. Now I’m wondering how many versions of “HANSOB” will end up on custom license plates! That, and how long it takes the DMV types to begin yanking them from distribution…

  8. People like this ‘Dark Garland’ need to be doxxed so they can be hunted down and strung up. Make the calls to disarm us a personal risk…very personal. Violence is the only language they listen to…so it’s the language we must be communicating to them with.

  9. I think an anonymous snitch line is a wonderful opportunity…to send the police haring after all the anti-gun activists , politicians, judges, etc.

  10. I watched Afghanistan start to unravel in 2020. After we made peace with the Taliban, they refocused all of their efforts on the government of Afghanistan. But it wasn’t a military campaign. That continued, of course, but the main thrust of the new campaign was terror. Not mass casualty attacks against the civilian population, but a targeted assassination campaign against local government agents.

    It worked like this: Taliban assassinated the mayor and/or police chief of a city or district. The government would appoint new men to staff those jobs. The Taliban would then kill them. The government then attempted to appoint new men to fill the billets. The appointees (politely) refused, and attempted to continue with their lives. Then the Taliban approached the appointees and told them “you can accept, but you work for us.” Then, miraculously, a few weeks later the Taliban would March into town, pull down the Afghan flag, and raise their black flag – often without firing a shot.

    Anyone who thinks the gun control raids would continue after people start killing police is high.

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