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@JoeHuffman @linoge_wotc that’s a backwards argument. I own guns to kill people with guns. *facepalm*

Keri L (@ikeriover)
December 11, 2013
In response to “Defense of innocent life is why I own guns.
[Then why do the police have guns?

The lack of rational thought process in these type of people has me convinced they have a mental disorder. Further evidence is that this tweet of mine:

If you believe no one is trying to take away our rights then you aren’t paying attention: http://blog.joehuffman.org/category/gun-rights/no-one-wants-to-take-your-guns/.

Resulted in a response from her of:

if you believe that it’s OK to gun down little children… you both need your head checked.

I’m very familiar with this sort of thought “process”. Apparently they imagine, and truly believe, you said or wrote something other than what you did. There was a case where I went through an email line-by-line with a certain person and ultimately they agreed I didn’t say what they claimed I said. Then mere seconds later they again made the same false claim. Pointing out they just agreed I didn’t say that resulted in a claim that they didn’t mean it when they said it. I went through this process three times with the same result each time before I finally gave up in extreme frustration.

Mental problems. I’m completely convinced of it.—Joe]


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  1. “The lack of rational thought process…has me convinced they have a mental disorder.”

    Yes. Well it’s not so much a mental “disorder” per se, but rather a hypnotic state that uses emotion to preclude or circumvent rational thought.

    “…they imagine, and truly believe, you said or wrote something other than what you did.”

    Yes. That’s the hypnotic suggestion at work. You’re seen as mincing words, speaking in codes, and they’re “reading between the lines to discover what you ‘really’ said”. They “know” that you’re an evil person, and so it’s just a matter of “discovering” the evil that they “know” is there. To them, this is their superior “cleverness” at work.

    You’re a perpetrator, and they’re victims, and everything else is based off of that premise. It’s the very foundation of all authoritarian thought. It justifies ANYTHING.

    “…I finally gave up in extreme frustration.”

    And now we’ve identified both the process and its goal realized. In this war between liberty and authoritarianism (good and evil if you will) you’re dealing with the minions, the foot soldiers, the pawns, the zombies, the Useful Idiots who run interference on behalf of their overlords, undercutting, distracting, frustrating and derailing the very process of reason in public conversation. As reason is the enemy, insanity is the weapon.

    As detached observation is the process by which truth is realized, control through emotion is the process by which truth is avoided.

    It’s been an on-going tactic of the left, to use insanity as means of frustrating the public. They’ve spoken about this for generations. Just as chaos in the streets is one of their tactics, a chaos of the mind works to de-stabilize and frustrate the fabric of a peaceful society. It frustrates us to a point where we’re crying out for it to just stop, and that’s when we’re most vulnerable to compromise. Hoards of them, all in agreement with one another, will eventually have most of us questioning our own sanity, and that’s when they’ve got us.

    It’s not as though these minions have brain damage or some disease of the physical brain. They’re mesmerized. If we want to help them, to turn them around, then we must learn how to deprogram someone who’s been thusly afflicted. That’s the ideal. Failing in that, the second best option would be to take over their programming.

    • they’re “reading between the lines to discover what you ‘really’ said”. They “know” that you’re an evil person, and so it’s just a matter of “discovering” the evil that they “know” is there. To them, this is their superior “cleverness” at work.

      That in itself is a form of insanity, described to good effect in the novel by Umberto Ecco, “Foucalt’s Pendulum”.

    • I don’t think “hypnotic suggestion” or “mesmerized” explains it any better than “mental disorder”. And I am nearly certain there is a “hardware”/physical disorder of the brain involved. I am convinced there are a great many people that simply cannot, no matter how much “programming” is attempted, think rationally.

      Every once in a while someone can be “deprogrammed” or catch a glimmer of reality. In one of Richard Feynman’s books he wrote of teaching an musician friend physics and the friend teaching him music. At some point the musician said something to the effect, “When you say you ‘know’ something you really do.”

      For many, many people even arithmetic is an alternate reality for them. It’s some sort of D&D game where there are rules and arbitrary changes to the laws of nature. They may be able to navigate and even function at a high level in this world but it has, at the best, a tangential bearing on their “reality”. What they “know” is not subject to the laws of physics, economics, or logic.

      This is not something new.

      There is on earth among all dangers no more dangerous thing than a richly endowed and adroit reason… Reason must be deluded, blinded, and destroyed.

      Martin Luther


      No one has the right to destroy another person’s belief by demanding empirical evidence.

      Ann Landers
      Nationally syndicated advice columnist and Director of Handgun Control, Inc.

      These people regard reason and empirical evidence as outside their reality. A claim could be made that there is no “deprogramming” possible for them because we do not even have a common basis for communication with them.

  2. Hmm. so, if I am a guest in this person’s house, and she offers me a glass of wine, am I correct/logical in saying to her, “Then* you believe it is OK to run over children in a car while drunk? You need your head examined.”

    *(by serving me a glass of an alcoholic beverage in a social setting and supporting the commercial system that produces the product that is abused by others).
    If people learned a little logic in school they might learn about “excluded middle” (which this is not really an example of, but it might get them thinking of what their unstated premises really are.

    • I read significant portions of her feed. That she somehow believed anyone thought it was “OK to gun down little children” should be all the evidence needed to realize she has mental problems. But it didn’t stop there. The part quoted in response to my tweet about owning guns to defend innocent life is further evidence. She has problems with cognitive distortion. She hears and/or reads things that do not exist in our reality.

  3. “And I am nearly certain there is a “hardware”/physical disorder of the brain involved.”

    Herein I think is the crux of the matter. Does behavior (cultural programming) result in brain defects or do brain defects result in cultural programming? Credible arguments can be made from both perspectives.

    However; if we look around the world and through time, we see that culture (root word being “cult”) is an extremely powerful force– that being born into one culture almost guarantees that you end up as a cannibal, born into another and you’re a suicide bomber, and so on. No doubt, if you looked close enough at brain activity and function in each you’d find “physical” differences. Very, very few people escape culture, and those that do are usually considered to be a threat and are treated as such.

    Consider the fact that just thinking about certain things can invoke dramatic physical responses. Adrenaline production, sweating, thickening of the blood and so on, and over time these things can even kill a person. No doubt it can also produce long term changes in brain activity patterns.

    So I’m thinking; what exactly was it that causes certain patterns to emerge, and how might that understanding lead to a way to change them?

    Or, once a person is indoctrinated into a particular culture, is it permanent?

    I am someone who represents a case of a fairly major change. In my teens and 20s I was your basic, rabid, proud anti gunner, and had a fairly Marxist view of the world (without knowing about it as such), or what I’ve come to call the “default mentality” from having been subject to our popular culture and having the desire to fit in. I was also a rather vapid enviro-fascist. I actually wrote an essay in high school, describing the human race as a cancer upon the Earth, and my teacher loved it, offering more ways in which I might make the comparison.

    All that started to change some time after I started a business. Very slowly at first, as I began to see how the deck was stacked against small business, but then much faster due to influences from people close to me.

    It is largely due to having been repeatedly mind-raped for so long by authoritarians, who were getting their rocks off at my expense, that I now spend so much time defending liberty. Once bitten, twice shy and all.

    And so, in my case at least, there was a form of Stockholm Syndrome that took over the functioning of my brain, which I assert is synonymous with culture, and yet somehow I was extricated from that particular culture to such a degree that now I hunt it, seeking justice. I can smell it mile away, and identify it through walls. It cannot hide, no matter the amount or quality of its camoflage. I lived it, I embraced it, I was one with it. I know it. I know it better than Spock doing a mind-meld with Karl Marx could know it. Hell, I WAS fucking Karl Marx!

    Then there is David Horowitz, who was born into a Marxist family, embraced Marxism, championed it, and yet now is a champion of liberty. This may be rare, but It CAN happen, and so I’m saying it might behoove us to learn more about how it happens.

  4. I believe the terms y’all are looking for are THOUGHTCRIME, CRIMESTOP, and DOUBLETHINK.

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