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As I have mentioned before Barb refers to a street close to where I work as “Mugme Street”. It’s a pretty rough place at times:

A man sustained minor injuries after a group of women assaulted him and stole his wallet while he waited for a bus downtown.

Seattle Police officers responded to the scene, assumed control of the incident and investigated further. The victim told officers that he was waiting near the bus stop at 3rd Avenue and Pine Street to catch a bus home. A female suspect approached and asked him for a cigarette. The victim declined to give one to her. The female suspect got angry and began striking the victim with her fists. Some of the suspect’s female friends joined in on the attack and then stole the victim’s wallet from his backpack before fleeing the area on foot.

One block away is Westlake Park with more criminals as Seattle Police report:

Two men are now in custody after detectives identified and located the suspects wanted in connection with Friday night’s robbery of a First Hill gas station.

…one of the suspects, an 18-year-old man, was observed by officers as he was walking through Westlake Park.  He was taken into custody and interviewed by robbery detectives.

Tell me again that it’s safe here and people don’t need to carry tools to defend themselves.


3 thoughts on “Mugme Street news

  1. I take the bus every evening from that corner. We call that corner 3rd and crack. The warm smell of colitas is constant there, in spite of the recent supposed police crackdown. I’ve had punks light up their glass pipes right next to me without a care in the world. I don’t give a shit if people do drugs, whatever floats their boat. But last time i checked, it is still illegal to do it in public. Tired of it being shoved in my face every day.

  2. Errr, and what would a jury have done with the guy who was assaulted by the group of women if he had used a tool to defend himself. He would be jail. He would be labelled the aggressor and any assets he had would be given to the “poor victims”.

    • Pepper spray is a tool.

      I share your concern and hope I never get into the situation he was in without my pepper spray.

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