Quote of the day—Harry Reid

Right now I think everyone should just calm down and understand that this isn’t brand new. It’s been going on for some seven years.

Harry Reid
U.S. Senate Majority Leader
June 6, 2013
Reid on reaction to furor over phone records: ‘Just calm down’
[If this was your spouse telling you to “calm down, this isn’t brand new…” that they had been fooling around with someone else for seven years would that make it okay?

Maybe that is an extreme example. Let’s try some others:

  • How about your accountant telling you they had been embezzling for seven years?
  • How about your lawyer telling you they had been working for your legal opponent for seven years and billing you for the time spent doing so?
  • How about your doctor giving you unnecessary prostate exams every three months for seven years, and charging you for it, because he enjoyed giving them?

Hmm… I’m thinking Senator Reid has a severe case of rectal cranium inversion. Too bad it not so debilitating that it necessitates immediate retirement and exile.

I also think it is very telling that in Paul Barrett Business Week article he restructured the quote in such a way that it changes the meaning. Barrett rephrases it as:

“Everybody should just calm down,” the Nevada Democrat said at a press conference in Washington. “It’s a program that’s worked to prevent not all terrorism, but certainly a vast majority of it.”

If that is the measure of success and such success is sufficient justification then one should not be surprised to soon see some “common sense” restrictions on the First Amendment. I expect Senator Reid and Mr. Barrett can surely agree our government needs to pass legislation for the following:

  • Background checks, ten day waiting periods, and proof of need before allowing anyone to own a Bible/Koran/Torah
  • Registration of all religious texts
  • Limiting the purchase of religious books to one per month
  • Ban all religious books containing more than 10,000 words

They should then give enforcement powers to the ATF and rename the organization Firearms, Alcohol, Religion, and Tobacco (FART).

It’s just common sense, for the children, to prevent terrorism.—Joe]


10 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Harry Reid

  1. That remark is similar to what the demo/whores(BIRM) used for the Irs lawlessness. “!!!!1!! NIXON DID IT!!1!!!” – except he didn’t. And !!11!!!!BUSH!!!1!! – except he didn’t either Foreign phones calls or – what part of what FISA stands for did they forget? Oh, that’s right the FOREIGN part at the beginning.
    Of course reed – being a lying poc who worships at the loins of obama when not kissing his collection of Mao, Stalin and Hitler pictures – has no problem with any of this.
    And the time frame was actually the last five and a half years, not seven.
    Time is growing short for thes b*****ds and they don’t even hear the train, let alone see its light.

  2. I must be getting old. Did people actually think that their phone records were secret? I never did.

  3. I LOL’d at that quote. What a jackass.. He’d be calling us fruitcakes for saying the same thing. But it’s been going on for a lot more than seven years.

  4. The Holocaust went on for a number of years too, but that does NOT make it right ! Reid is an assclown there can be no excuse this kind of foolishness.

  5. Regarding your FART suggestion: In ’94, a popular bumper sticker in Las Vegas was “Is YOUR church ATF Approved?”. This was regarding the Waco Massacre.

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