An Itch?

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Perhaps a penis enlargement would scratch the same consumerist itch @M9Scarlett
Posted on X May 30, 2023

It’s not only another Markley’s Law Monday, it is another science denier!

She thinks people by guns because they have an itch?

I wonder what itch she has which leads her to claim “America has enough guns already.” I’m thinking perhaps some sort of fungal infection.


2 thoughts on “An Itch?

  1. “I’m thinking perhaps some sort of fungal infection.”
    Ya, It’s called “communist crotch rot.” Makes their head hair all kind of weird colors. And you can smell them a mile away.
    Like a rattle snake, you’ll know what it is the first time you meet one.
    There’s a reason why real communists kill’em right after the revolution takes power.
    I’m sure annoyance is probably a big part of that.

  2. In her case, I think it is one of two things.
    A Prion, like in Kreutzfelt-Jakob disease, or Kuru, which killed a lot of natives of a tribe in New Guinea who ritually ate the brains of tribesmen who died.
    The bacteria spread in the feces of skunks that causes larger animals that become infected with it to react in inapt and clumsy ways to what should be clear and unequivocal stimuli.

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