Reality is the Greatest Enemy

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The greatest enemy of socialism is reality.

It is reality itself that they must deny, redefine, subvert, censor and ban.

Alice Smith (@TheAliceSmith)
Posted on X August 16, 2023

Reality is the enemy of most political and nearly all economic theories.


4 thoughts on “Reality is the Greatest Enemy

  1. “The greatest enemy of socialism is reality.” That’s funny. Like it hasn’t always been humanity’s greatest enemy?
    Refusing reality is why Eve ate the freaking apple after all. It’s been downhill ever since.
    Socialism is a construct by popularization of covetousness. Granted by a very shaky il/legal framework.
    It’s the human/reality junction that’s the problem. And that syndrome ain’t going anywhere soon.
    If your human? Chances are half your paradigm is wrong.
    Socialism can go away in a matter of hours, given the right conditions.
    So ya, socialism has the same problems in reality, but it ain’t the real problem.

  2. Vast numbers of people refuse to live in reality. Modern technology and society has made that insanity possible. Which is why we now have vast numbers of people who subscribe to the ridiculous premises of socialism. This is a self rectifying problem. Eventually a society or culture that refuses to accept reality collapses.
    Then the survivors MUST live in the real world or die. Sadly that is the only way humans learn. And the lesson has to be relearned every couple of generations because we are not an intelligent species, merely a clever one incapable of actually learning from the past.

  3. It’s interesting to observe just how much time, effort and money is devoted to creating an acceptable level of Artificial Reality; it also seems to be something in which governments in particular become heavily invested.

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