The End of Times

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The biggest elephant in the room is the US Fiscal Doom Loop. To refresh: US Government spending is out of control, and there appears to be very little political will to stop it. As the chart below shows, Government spending is up 14% yoy and tax receipts are down 7% yoy.  Fiscal year ended September 2023 is projected to have a deficit of over $2 Billion (or roughly 8% of GDP). In the past, deficits of this magnitude only materialized during significant downturns like the bursting of the Dotcom Bubble, the 2008 GFC and the COVID crisis. It is unprecedented to have deficits of this magnitude with the economy and employment being relatively strong.

Lawrence Lepard
October 2023
This “Unprecedented” Fiscal Doom Loop Is Getting Worse

A volcano in Iceland is expected to erupt in hours or days and destroy a town of 4,000 people, Japan has a new island, a super volcano is flexing, U.S. military bases are being attacked almost daily, and the U.S. debt is over 33 trillion and rapidly increasing.

We live in interesting times. Some might even claim it is the end of times. Prepare appropriately.

I want my underground bunker in Idaho.


8 thoughts on “The End of Times

  1. Deficit of $2 Trillion, not billion.

    Total debt exceeds $33 Trillion, not billion.

    • I knew better. I’m sure the author did too, but typoed it. I fixed my error.

      I looked up the 2023 deficit. It is $1.7 trillion.


  2. The real problem we have looming is the interest on the debt. As everyone knows, the deeper one is in debt the higher the interest rate goes.
    What one can afford at 2% will bankrupt you at 10%. Calc out 1.7 trillion on both those to show how much longer and harder your going to have to work. Ya, no one’s going to pay that back. And the answer will be WWIII to memory hole the great reset. And make everyone forget how and who screwed it all up.
    As an aside.
    Maybe we should put up a debt clock at ports of entry informing every illegal immigrant; “By crossing this border you are agreeing to pay, and willingly except, and are bound to a $100,000 dollar share of the national debt.”
    (And it’s $250,000 if you plan on working for a living.)
    We would probably want to leave that last part out, as most of them aren’t coming to work anyway.
    And ya, the end is always near.

  3. Based on what I’m seeing – MTHead’s comment above mentions some of it – however deep your underground bunker may be it won’t be deep enough.

    The alternative, however, is to sit on one’s patio and “wait for the flash,” so keep digging.

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