Prep for a Communist Revolution

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There are basically 5 scenarios in which civilians drastically lose their liberties, lives, and fortunes:

  1. Communist Revolution
  2. Civil War broadly defined: regime change/guerilla campaigns/insurgency/ complete loss of order
  3. Foreign Invasion
  4. domestic outward invasion/war
  5. economic sanctions/blockade (externally or internally imposed).

    And as we’ve seen recently… there’s a 6th condition:

  6. Disease outbreak and public health totalitarianism (i.e. Soft Communist Revolution)

Anyone one of these 5 (6) conditions can be caused by or cause economic collapses, and there are numerous examples of all of them resulting in things such as: mass starvation, breakdown in healthcare, concentration camp style detainment of populations, ethnic cleansing, mass enslavement, government by terror, conscription, press gangs, banditry, confiscation of wealth.

Of these 5 however, the worst is number 1: Communist Revolution. And for that reason we’re going to assume that’s what you’re dealing with.

Not just because I hate communists which, yes, but because inherent in every communist revolution are the other 5.

August 21, 2023
Realistic Prepper Advice

Via Hank Archer.

Prepare appropriately.


9 thoughts on “Prep for a Communist Revolution

  1. “What do you need high capacity magazines-clips for?”

    “In case of Communist Revolution.”

    “That’s not going to happen!”

    “And yet, I don’t see you doing a damned thing to make it impossible. Quite the contrary.”

  2. If we get (2), we will automatically get (3).

    In fact we are arguably getting (3), just to bring about (2).

  3. I find it interesting that the fed dot gov is seeking to restrict ammunition supplies – notably, civilian supplies of Lake City output, plus the purchase restrictions in places like California – at a time when recent events make it obvious that the increasing possibility of experiencing numbers 1 through 5 will require shooting a whole lot more people than was previously anticipated.

    College students, for example, were usually regarded as uninformed, and uninvolved, bystanders; now it’s clear they’re part of the storm trooper brigades, as are, seemingly, a larger portion of southern border invaders than government and media claimed.

    • I would like to suggest “interesting” is not the most accurate word in this context. I prefer “telling”.

      • I was considering several word choices other than “interesting” but this is a family blog…..”telling” will do quite well, however, in that respect.

        And, it should not be forgotten that there is also the
        possibility of future “self serve home delivery” of Lake City products in certain geographical areas.

        The biggest point is that expenditures will, probably, have to be for specific function rather than sport which will impose some restrictions.

  4. To me, it’s a lot like the “money, power, control”, Use any two to get the third.
    Any two or three will in many cases get you all 6.
    As Michael Yon and Matt Bracken call it. Panfawar.. As pandemic, famine, and war all come as a package deal.
    6) Requires an amount of government control to implement. And with the border wide open that structure is disappearing rapidly. Other than that, it’s just a cheap excuse for 1.
    The Chinese being tied in with the cartels so hard? Tells me that our implosion will be one that the survivors of it will not be able to point to one thing/enemy for doing.
    Chinese will be the overlord command and control. Cartels will be the supply pipeline. Islam and useful idiots will be the foot soldiers.
    Logistics and resupply are key to all wars.
    One thing we can count on is that the new world order and the new world communists have absolutely no problem destroying humanity to get what they want.
    And I look at every person coming across the border, and most all of us here. As a sacrifice to get whatever it is they think they’re going to get.
    I would expect all six, and probably a few we haven’t named yet.
    It’s hard for us to wrap our mind around the depth of evil they will commit. Like Hamas, the cartels, and the abortion industry.
    But that’s exactly why they do. You never get it till it’s too late.

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