Desires and Childish Insults

Quote of the Day

Who are you to question my desire to have weapons of war decreased on our streets. Common sense gun laws are what is needed. 

You must be a horrible shot if you require an AR15 to protect yourself.(Or have micro penis issues.)

Joy Ann @JoyAnn941552
Tweeted on October 16, 2023

It’s not only another Markley’s Law Monday, it is another science denier!

We have facts and SCOTUS decisions. They have “desires” and childish insults.


6 thoughts on “Desires and Childish Insults

  1. Wow, that’s a commie for you. Thinking their desire for un-armed large penis’s is somehow common sense.
    Or that laws matter anymore.
    Never bothering to look at Ukraine and Israel, then realize the Mexican cartels make Hamas look like pikers on a picnic.
    May she never find out the “hard” way, real dicks don’t care what you think of them or their size.

    • You expertly mixed so many metaphors here, it’s almost suitable for framing. Great job!

      These people are freaks. “my desire”. I’m rolling my eyes at these people…AND YET THEY EXIST.


  2. I don’t question her desire at all. I desire a scenic mountain cabin with my own private ski lift – doesn’t mean somebody is going to give it to me.

    I do question her rationale for having the desire in the first place. But that must mean I have a small dick. But, what if I was transgender, and had either a surgically constructed or removed dick? Would that overrule her argument, since being LGPQTBLM+ trumps any other logical discourse?

  3. It’s amusing. Bear with me a couple steps here.

    1. Leftists believe gun owners only own guns because they have small penises.
    2. Leftists don’t want anyone owning guns.

    It logically follows that every Leftist just wants a large penis in his/her life.

    Does that mean a healthy application of Dr. Joe’s Cure for Everything could fix this whole country?


    • Heh: “Maybe if you were getting the deep dicking you so desperately crave, you’d stop thinking about mine.”

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