This Must Be a Crime, Right?

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The Oregon State Board of Education unanimously voted on Thursday to remove proof of mastery in reading, writing, and math in order to graduate from high school until 2029.

The board argued that requiring all students to pass one of several standardized tests or to create an in-depth assignment their teacher judged as meeting state standards was a harmful hurdle for students of color, disabled students, or those learning English as a second language.

Misty Severi
October 20, 2023
Oregon removes writing, reading, and math mastery from high school graduation requirements

This will not end well. I am forced to believe that outcome is intentional.

This surely is some sort of crime, right? I keep thinking of free helicopter rides for those responsible. But what name of the crime?


18 thoughts on “This Must Be a Crime, Right?

  1. How about fraud?

    Add up the total amount of taxpayer money (and debt/bond issues) spent in each county across the entire state and use that as the amount of fraudulent activity. Base it on the fact that they refer to the structures as “schools” and the system as “education”. The structures are holding pens and the system is one of brainwashing and indoctrination in selected collectivist material.

    The trial should be quick since they have openly admitted their crime. Sentence every administrator and teacher based on their allocated portion of the fraud (total money divided by their portion of the students in the “system”), and demand a return of the monies and/or jail time.

    I’ve been saying it for decades now: Parents leaving their children in the government “school” system is de facto child abuse.

  2. Another reason to push for the Great State of Jefferson and the Greater Idaho Project. The impetus for the Oregon State Board of Education to do this did not come from those territories.

  3. All the above. And… especially Tirno

    I’m reminded of Alice in Wonderland … it means what I say it means.

    From a practical perspective, it just means employers must make their own judgments. And if they are not doing that now then they are the fools.

    Posted from Rogue River in The Great State of Jefferson

        • Sale to a Californian and EVAC the area ASAP. That whole place is owned by the cartels. Lock, Stock, and Pot operations.
          If not by the Mexican one. Then by the government one.
          I know, I was there for the transition from a working community into a drug infested homeless shithole.
          In Joesphine county you can be murdered for the fun of it. And nobody is even going to come looking or investigate.
          Jackson county is little better.
          Both will write your murder down as a suicide rather than miss lunch.
          Ain’t no calvary within 200 miles or better, and all the criminals know it.
          Trust me. (my wife was a police secretary there for 20 years.)
          Your life and wellbeing are in danger, and nobody cares.
          Run, brother.

    • If the Great State of Jefferson happens, I’m moving to Coos Bay/North Bend and I may go into politics. Jefferson needs a deep water port and a low-regulation-burden environment will starve established OR, WA, and CA ports of business.

  4. Start with child cruelty.
    Add: attack on the US economy .
    Add: criminal stupidity.
    Add malfeasance.
    Add psychological damage.
    Don’t waste the fuel. There are many cliffs.

  5. How about: “Aggravated Societal Malfeasance” as opposed to the standard societal malfesance that normally goes on in government schools?

  6. It’s funny. They straight up say that it hurts blacks and minorities to require them to read, write, and do math, because they struggle greatly with it, but it’s racist to imply that they are not just as smart as whites….. Eh…. evidence says otherwise.

    Or, as can be easily proven mathematically, if a 90 IQ guy immigrates from an 80 IQ average African nation to a 100 IQ average Western nation, both countries on average get dumber, a lose-lose if there ever was one.

    Sink the ships. Send them all back, along with the anchor babies.

  7. I call it voter fraud. That’s what motor-voter/vote by mail gets a state. Let me slightly rearrange Stalin’s wording here. In clown-world democracies, it’s who counts the votes that matter. Oregon has used that to cement control of all government functions in Oregon. Creating bureaucrats so secure they can make hypocritical, criminal statements/acts and never fear any consequences? It was the end state they were always working for.
    “Things aren’t getting worse, there just getting more obvious.”
    And yes. Cliffs are cheaper than helicopters. And western Oregon has a lovely coastline. The only thing missing is the sharks for clean-up.
    As for greater Idaho project. Please stop and think about it. The federal government controls most of it. And has systemically shut down any resourced based revenues.
    So, Idaho won’t be getting much on that end. But a bill for the welfare and drug addiction? Idaho will get that in spades.
    West Washington and West Oregon will keep most of the representation in congress, and all four senators.
    Once again, Idaho won’t be getting much out of the deal but dirt and debt.
    You want to change things? Propose East Oregon and East Washington to become independent states. With power to tax electricity production.
    Conservatives get 4 more senators and a bump in congress. Plus revenue.
    You’ll see the communists come out of the woodwork over that.
    Until we go back to a resourced based economy it’s a lose-lose for Idaho. And just another way for the communists in Oregon and Washington to influence and degrade some of the last conservative areas in our country.
    And Blackwing nailed it. Fraud. You can’t say you’re doing one thing to get money. Then not do, or do something else with it.

  8. The comments above are all well and good, but do not lose sight of the end game – at some point those who excel in non-reading, non-writing and non-math will be released into the public domain to make their way.

    Doing what, I have no clue, but it does not bode well for those of us intended to be the patrons of their non-skills. I suspect their mission may be to substantially enhance income within the business automation field.

    It’s getting precariously close to the point where one will be forced to simply discard one’s automobile rather than hope it can be repaired and request a med school transcript from one’s doctor just as a self defense measure.

  9. The racism/ableism/bigotry in this policy is just astounding, and it deserves to be called out for what it is. Consider: why would being in a wheel chair impair your brain? Stephen Hawking would have objected to that notion.
    Or English as a Second Language learners — in other words, “immigrants”. I remember sitting in the waiting room for my naturalization exam, reading the Federalist Papers.

  10. It’s magical thinking: The belief that if a piece of paper is handed out for mastery of certain subjects, handing someone that piece of paper will magically convey that mastery.

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