Brainwashing is Strong

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Democrats: Private gun ownership won’t protect you from a government that has nukes.

Also Democrats: Trespassing and taking selfies in the Capitol building can conquer a government that has nukes.

The brainwashing is so strong Democrats believe both narratives.

Scott Adams @ScottAdamsSays
Tweeted on September 30, 2023

Perhaps it is belief by the masses. But a fair number of the elites know it is a deliberate lie.


9 thoughts on “Brainwashing is Strong

  1. I like to think of them as emotional junkies. Whatever gives them that next hit of feelz. It doesn’t have to have substance or logic.
    And most of time it has neither.
    Like Markley Monday’s statements. What they say is just devoid to anyone with more than three brain cells left.
    But how does it feel being conquered by abject stupidity? The real problem is WE refuse to recognize war for what it is.
    Look what we did to the middle east over 3,000 people being murdered in New York. We all saw the violence on TV. An act of war, no doubt.
    The Mexican cartels murdered 110,000 people in one year. And we did what? Open the border and make drugs legal for them.
    Communism is a problem. Us refusing to see it for what it is, is much worse.
    I guess we were just to nice to survive?

  2. The thing about J6 that has both sides of the political aisle united is that they congress critters, being cowardly tyrants, were afraid that they were about to be dragged outside to water the tree of liberty.

    • There is a Canton in Switzerland, the name of which I have forgotten, that every year the citizens meet in a public square to hear what the elected representatives have done and what they plan to do in the future. The male citizens bring swords without scabbards which they stand in front of them as they are seated, point down.
      This is to remind the elected officials who has the power there, and who the officials are beholden to.
      That, plus keeping the power of the national government to a minimum (as minimal as Europe can be, given its history with Leftism), One benefit of this is that when the Cantons want something nation wide, they have to get all the other Cantons to sign on, and even the Swiss don’t know the name of the national president.
      I suspect that it is too late for this attitude to develop here.

      • I don”t know about the part of “without scabbards” but the canton you’re referring to is Appenzell Innerrhoden. The intent of the rule is that the weapon is a proof of citizenship. Wikipedia says:

        Historically, the only proof of citizenship necessary for men to enter the voting area was to show their ceremonial sword or Swiss military sidearm (bayonet); this gave proof that they were a freeman allowed to bear arms and to vote. While voting cards have been introduced, in Appenzell presenting a side arm is still valid for men instead of the voting card.

        • Thank you! I may have that scabbard thing wrong, as an unsheathed sword would be an act of aggression. many years ago I saw the men sitting in chairs in the town center, but forgot which Canton it was.
          Thanks for clarifying this for me.

    • Seems the Jan6 festivities was orchestrated by the feds to give Congress enough cover with an “emergency” situation to call the election good without having to get Pence to sanctify the vote was proper. He was a player in this actual coup. Without him it couldn’t have occurred as it did. They have to continue with the charade of jailing as many “participants” as possible to add a layer of legitimacy to their actions.
      They are desperate to keep Trump away from the seat of government, as he could bring it all to public view, and hang the coup members. As he should. I wonder what he thinks of Pence now?

  3. Most leftists are morons and thus capable of believing just about anything their masters tell them to believe. The people in charge are bright enough to know better. They are also bright enough to know that their lies DO work. That’s why they continue to tell them. It’s all Kabuki theatre bullshit. The reason the theatre continues is because it’s effective enough on enough people to be worth engaging in.

  4. It’s not so much belief as it is tribalism. You can’t live with another tribe that opposes you on all things even mutually contradictory things.

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