People are Not Rational

Via Tamera:


I just want to get away from the majority of people. People, in general, are not rational. Rationality is just a thin veneer over a jumble of emotions.

I need an underground bunker in Idaho.


10 thoughts on “People are Not Rational

  1. Approximately half of the people who vote is approximately 20% of overall eligible voters.

    That’s hardly a majority. (This applies to both sides).

    Doesn’t stop people from acting like it is, though.

  2. Before you move to Idaho, look up there planning, permitting, and zoning requirements – the rules are MUCH stricter than many people realize.
    I’d rather move to Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas or Appalachia (primarily Ohio, West Virginia, or South Carolina): Outside of city limits you can build what you want where you want with no approvals or notification to anybody.

      • And you would die trying to enforce them, thank you very much.
        I love Idaho co.!

    • The humor of you telling Joe not to move to Idaho kicks over my giggle box! This as someone who has had Joe in his car driving by the Huffman Farm in Idaho!

      This ain’t Boise/Meridian we’re talking about here…

  3. As I state frequently. We are a clever species. NOT an intelligent one. Politicians and politically active people are aware of this reality and make good use of it. You rarely fail if you forgo appealing to logic and reason and instead go for the emotions.

  4. I nearly bought an 80ac canyon off Carabel. Highly defensible. Someone beat me to it…. then prices tripled… now I’m dug in on the front line. We’ll see how long I last.

  5. And you will never be free from those people until you are free from the Big Blue Cities. This is why we need the National Divorce.

  6. I hate to break this to you, Joe, but to establish a minimum safe distance between yourself and the rabidly irrational will almost certainly require interstellar travel and even that offers no guarantees.

    I hope you have a Plan B……

  7. Rationality is like dark humor, or food in a communist country. Not everyone gets it.
    But rationality can be taught in many instants. Which generally involves pain for the Babelist. That’s why rational people have to be strong. And un-afraid to spare the rod, lest one spoil the child.
    Or horse whip and hang a tyrant as an example to their fellows.

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