The Solutions are Simple

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  • The personal solution is easy. Make sure that someone can shoot back.
  • The public solution is time tested. We’ve done it for the last decade, and we’ve never had a school attacked where they had a public program of armed school staff.
  • The legal solution is simple. Make property owners responsible when they disarm the people who obey the law. If you stop me from protecting my family, then you become responsible for their safety.
  • The media solution is easy as well. Most mass-murderers kill innocent people so the mass-media will show us their face, their name, and their manifesto. Stop giving mass-murderers a multi-million-dollar publicity campaign.
  • All that might sound simple, but the political solution is harder. We have to ignore quack cures that have failed in the past.

Rob Morse
September 19, 2023
Can There be Good News About Public Violence?

The public solution is difficult, in part, because most politicians put up a vigorous fight when they are to lose even the smallest amount of power. And having an armed populous seriously shifts the power balance away from them.


7 thoughts on “The Solutions are Simple

  1. Good stuff except for the media solution. We have enough trouble now burning through the narrative to figure out what is really going on without the pro-self-defense side signing on to censorship. While this might make sense for the true crazies, it is the opposite of what needs to be done with the ideologically motivated which is an increasing proportion of these events. Where is that manifesto from Nashville?

    • If it’s censorship, I agree. If it’s a self-discipline policy, that’s an entirely different matter.
      A nice exploration of that approach is in the novel “Soft Targets” by Dean Ing, where a group of media leaders decide to work together to handle terrorism by viciously mocking all terrorists as clueless morons.
      That book is also interesting in describing a tiny Jewish ultra-extreme fundamentalist cult, so much so that they oppose the existence of Israel because it is supposed to be (re-)created by the Messiah and he hasn’t appeared yet. Until fairly recently I thought that group is fictional, but it isn’t (though its specific actions in the book probably are).

      • The Democrat Party isn’t tiny.

        And you will be ceding the censorship portfolio to the likes of Google and CNN who will censor to support The Narrative.

  2. The solution is both simple and easy. Who was given power to infringe on your human right of self-defense?
    Oh, that’s right, nobody. And anyone who tries is no better than someone who would shoot school children.
    We should view them as such. Shock and revulsion should be our only reaction to the idea of disarmament.
    The problem is petulance. What was self-evident for like all of human history is now only in question because a group of satanic communists want to be able to shoot/kill school children with impunity. (And people that would murder them in the womb, mutilate and drug them, so they can be played with like human dress-up rag dolls. If they survive abortion. Will never convince me they give a shit about school children being murdered. Their just pissed off they aren’t the ones allowed to do it.)
    The standard answer to some commie saying we need to save the children is; “Since f–king when? And for what exactly?”
    The problem is humans are just too stupid and bored to except simple and easy.

  3. The long-term solution to the underlying problem is far, far harder, messy, convoluted, and expensive: reform the availability of mental health care in the united states. Because not everybody can be fixed, and the entire process of turning them away, from giving them meds that may or may not work even if they take them to relying on the streets and jails to fulfill the function of the emptied sanitariums, has been a disaster from the start.

  4. As long as making people defenseless and reliant on government is reality then the government will do everything it can to make people defenseless so they are reliant on government. Not that government will actually protect them. It’s all about the ONLY thing people in power care about….control. Which is just another word for power.

    • Yup, as Chris Langan says; Money, Power, Control. Use any two, to get the third.
      And the tyrant oligarchs of this planet have used those principals to the destruction of themselves and society many times throughout history.
      Unfortunately, here we go again.

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