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The 2nd Amendment is broken and is killing us. #1 cause of death of children and teens. Piecemeal gun safety measures are insufficient, it’s been decades and the death rates are only escalating. It’s time to ban guns. The Constitution has been amended 27 times and it will be again when we finally find our voices, imagination, and courage to protect our kids and ban guns. If we can ban books, Muslims and Black history, we can certainly BAN GUNS.

People said chattel slavery would never be abolished til it was. They said Blacks and women would never have the vote, til they did. They say the 2nd Amendment will never be abolished but we know this, too, is untrue.

September 20, 2023
Comment to Biden to create new office of gun violence prevention

Don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.


6 thoughts on “Ban Guns

  1. The “#1 cause of death of children and teens” claim has been thoroughly de-bunked, many times. The highly-weaponized FBI’s and CDC’s own numbers disprove it.

    The only way the “#1 cause of death” claim is true, is if it’s qualified by the word “intentional” — as in, “firearms are the #1 tool of intentional homicide in children and teens” — AND if you include suicides (which I suppose are intentional). Even this is not necessarily true, but as firearms are used in the majority of murders and suicides across ALL age groups, it’s plausible.

    Either way, we’d do better at preventing child deaths by banning cars and pools than by banning guns.

    Y’know, if “preventing child deaths” were the actual agenda.

    As an aside, another thing we could do is stop mandating kids spend 6-7 hours a day in “gun free zones”, which history has shown are highly-attractive soft targets for mass murderers. There are two ways to do this: Stop sending kids there (fewer kids == less attractive as a target), or remove the “gun free zone” restrictions (armed resistance == less attractive as a target). Do either or both of those, and the number and frequency of headline-grabbing “school shootings” will go down.

    Again, that would work, if “preventing child deaths” were the actual agenda.

    • Spot on, they could also end abortion, stop drugs and alcohol too.
      With global government taking actions that will starve millions of children to death?
      Me thinks it’s about us not being able to shoot back.
      Maybe if they would have had Greta make the comment it would have had more impact?

  2. I also believe that the “increasing gun deaths” argument is suspect. I thought violent crime had been on a year by year downward trend, until the liberals decided to turn major cities into third world hellholes?

  3. And what happens when you get your ban and those tens of millions of gun owners say “no”.

    Don’t ever think that they would never support the complete and total government mandated extermination of all gun owners to get rid of all guns.

  4. Conversing/debating idiots like this is pointless. Sometimes you simply have to accept that a number…a LARGE number…of people are idiots.

  5. Oh, I forgot to add, HAHAHAHAHAHA, please stop, your killing me!
    Ban guns to end human violence with guns? It obviously forgot how that turned out for the last government that tried that in America.
    And we were nice people back then.

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