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I am appalled that Joe Biden is putting the gun prohibition lobby on the White House payroll. I know that many pro-gun rights members of Congress are working on legislation to prohibit funding for this obnoxious scheme.

I wonder how much of their time will be spent keeping guns out of Hunter Biden’s hands now that he has been indicted on gun charges?

Alan Gottlieb
September 20, 2023

For more information about what President Biden is planning read these articles:

I wonder about something different than Gottlieb. I wonder if these people realize being on the government payroll with their jobs being the infringement of specific enumerated rights can be used as evidence at their trials. The same goes for those who vote for such an office.


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  1. I suspect they, as do 99% of government bureaucrats, know that indictments (let alone convictions) under 18 USC 241/242 are very nearly nonexistent. No surprise given that it’s other government bureaucrats that would have to bring those charges, and they just don’t. Not unless they are dealing with enemies of the government, that is.

    • Absolutely. And the idea of Merrick whats-his-name or some Bill Barr want to be is going to prosecute any of them is laughable.
      But it certainly puts the matter in stark contrast. Let’s the rest of us know exactly where we stand in all this.
      It makes even Joe Normie want to buy guns and ammo.
      Couple that with Kamel Harris/Jean-Pierre, affirmative action hire enthusiasm?
      I just don’t see much coming from it other than evidence for their trial.
      The ATF is their best hope. And it’s pretty much got one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. Everything else is propaganda for the communist choir.

        • I’m not so sure about that.

          Searching for some random old post from the late 90’s, came across a thread discussing federal law. People were afraid of downloading a PDF from because their dynamic dial-up IP address would appear on a government access log.

      • I’m sure none of us is under the delusion that any of this fixes itself, “legally”.
        And communist voting practices running amuck will insure the SCOTUS changes long before the ATF goes tango uniform.
        Thats if we survive illegal invasion and monetary collapse, WWIII, and Joke Biden.
        (What’s the bet on the percentage of white rural kids getting drafted and sent to their deaths in Ukraine, rather than illegals?)
        Were compelled to remember that right, wrong, and legal are mostly historical perspectives. Wrote by winners. (Of which I don’t see many.) And adjust our actions accordingly.

    • If we’re going to have trials of these people, we will have to do them as the trial of Peter Lorre’s character at the very end of Fritz Lang’s M (Moerder Unter Uns, or Murderer among us).
      As the People delegated certain powers to the State, the state is of the opinion that those powers belong to them exclusively, but Agency and principal law holds that where the agent fails to perform, the principal is authorized to act even where the power has been delegated exclusively to the agent. Good luck with that, though. Such an “undelegation” could occur if the entire federal government collapsed and was without power, so the states and People would have to take their power back.

  2. First, Joe, you keep bringing up USC 241 and 242 and “trials.” I tink pkoning (above) has it right – bureaucrats will never punish other bureaucrats so the “trials” thing is just a moderately comfortable fantasy.

    If any punishment is eventually meted out to these miscreants it will have to be done in such a manner as to not place the responsibility on other bureaucrats for action and resolution.

    And, along those lines, Biden creating a new federal office on gun violence prevention – we’ll have to wait and see just what form that takes, but I would think Congress, or at least part of it, might take exception to taxpayer-provided funds being used to attack an enumerated Constitutional right. I certainly think quite a few citizens would share that sentiment.

  3. If the primary gun control groups are essentially becoming a para-governmental recruiting agency for an anti-gun government entity, shouldn’t that disqualify them from tax-exempt status? Jerk away benefit and watch their funding dry up fast.

    • Sorry, Defens, that’s more of “bureaucrats attacking bureaucrats” and we already know how that works – it’s a mutual protection racket.

  4. Once again….there will BE NO TRIALS. The left does this for a simple reason. Because they can. And since there is NO legal or peaceful method remaining to remove them from power they will continue to attack our Rights and expand their assaults on our Rights. And do so with complete impunity.

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