People are Not Rational

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It would appear that New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s emergency order banning the carrying of firearms in Albuquerque has had an unintended consequence: Sales in the city’s gun stores are booming.

Melissa Fine
September 16, 2023
‘Busiest day I’ve had in months’: Guns flying off shelves in Albuquerque after gov’s anti-2A move

People buy banned books because they are, or are about to be, banned. The same applies to guns.

In this case the buying more guns in the face of a ban to carry them in public doesn’t make quite as much sense. But maybe they were buying them so they could carry them in public in defiance of their criminal governor.

You would think that a politician capable of getting elected governor would have a better sense of human nature. For someone that opposed to gun ownership one would think she would not engage in behavior that would, obviously, increase gun ownership and public carry. But, yet, she did.

People are strange. Rationality is just a thin veneer over a whirl of emotions. And many people don’t even have that veneer.


14 thoughts on “People are Not Rational

    • Clinton made me join the NRA.
      I joined in February 1993, a couple of weeks after his inauguration. I have a friend who used to smile whenever he mentioned that..

  1. That’s part of the story.

    The other part is that crime in Albuquerque is soaring. People are acting rationally in response to a Governor which is behaving irrationally in response to a real threat. The illusion that Big Sister will protect them is blown.

  2. Yup, nothing gets people going like telling them they’re not allowed to do something. Especially something so fundamental, and something they have always been able to do.
    And this is one of those classic cases of overreach communists are famous for. They just can’t help themselves.
    Applying 241 & 242 would be the polite way to handle it. Examples should be made. Kind of like the communists are treating J6’ers?
    But be ‘in a communist means she will just get to slink away more than likely.
    Rationality, what’s that?

    • Responsibility and consequences; what are those?
      Or, considering the wisdom of the Communists who keep trying these stunts, “What do those ten words mean?”

      • Yup, and unfortunately we are being forced into the zero enforcement stage.
        As the only way to stop this kind of crap is to make enforcement impossible.
        That approach is working quite well for drugs. How do the cartels say it: “La platina, or, lo plomo.”?

      • True; astonishing large fractions of illegal possessors of firearms are just sticking them in a pocket or their waistbands (if their pants aren’t at half-mast).

        Good evidence of a lawful possessor is not only a holster, but a box full of them at home.

        • BG’s very rarely use any sort of holster, as tossing the gun during a chase or close encounter with the po-po leaves them without a hint that they were carrying, as the gun itself is normally not theirs.

          Plus, one of the newest takes on crime guns is that the BG rented it from another BG for use in a planned crime, so no holster for a temporary job.

        • Couple years ago I counted over 60 in my box, and that may not have had all of them in it. Some of them were for guns that I never aqcuired, but intended to, and left-handed holsters are not common. Unfortunately, left hand holsters tend to have a higher rate of assembly problems. Some can be fixed, but most of them can’t be returned, sigh…

  3. For decades, up into the 1960’s, “Banned in Boston” was a sure fire advertising path to the best seller list.

  4. Correct. Most people aren’t rational. Many are incapable of it, most of the rest could think rationally but simply allow emotions to rule. Which is why politics is
    not an actual science. It’s more a form of voodoo where whoever can sway the emotions of the public most effectively wields the most power.

    We are a clever species. NOT an intelligent one.

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