USC 241 Could be Applied to Governor

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The progressive activists who run the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division in Democratic administrations see civil-rights statutes as their license to overhaul the nation’s police departments and other institutions under the guise of “systemic racism.” There is no reason, however, why a Republican administration could not invoke them for their proper purpose — protecting the federal rights of all Americans.

Obviously, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham (D., N.M.) and her subordinates have conspired to injure, oppress, threaten, and intimidate Americans in New Mexico in the free exercise and enjoyment of their Second Amendment rights. Indeed, her acknowledgment that she expects to be challenged in court underscores both her criminal intent and the fact that the rights she has decided to “suspend” are well established in constitutional law.

Andrew C. McCarthy
Former Chief Asst. U.S. Attorney
September 11, 2023
Why Not Arrest Governor Lujan Grisham . . . Pursuant to the Civil Rights Law the Biden Justice Department Is Using to Prosecute Donald Trump?

The Overton Window is moving.

I hope she and her co-conspirators enjoy their trials.


6 thoughts on “USC 241 Could be Applied to Governor

  1. There will be no trials. At MOST she risks losing a future election from this. But nothing more will happen to her or her cronies. The left quite literally OWNS every legal mechanism tasked with holding politicians accountable under the law. They no longer have to worry about facing legal consequences. And they have proven in 2020 and 2022 that for the most part they don’t have to worry about electoral consequences either. TINVOWOOT

  2. “USC 241 Could be Applied to Governor.”
    Which one? At 5 years average per violation? Almost every last governor in the country would be up to life plus 50 years at this point.
    But ya, seeing it applied to just one of the power-grubbing motherf–kers would be great!

    • If you read the article from a former US attorney, he specifically calls out the current governor of New Mexico.

      She is not the only one qualifying for criminal charges, but just starting somewhere with a good chance of conviction moves the Overton Window.

  3. I can pretty much guarantee that if anyone tried to use 241/242 against gun grabbers or any other form of Constitution-busting that Andrew McCarthy and National Review would be clutching their pearls. They burned all of their credibility during the Trump years.

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