Biden Banned High School Shooting Teams

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The BATF has been having a rough time recently in the courts with its attempts to redefine terms already well-defined in the law. But the BSCA gets around that obstacle and opens the door to new regulations that will cost lives.

Banning high school shooting teams and creating a comprehensive national gun registry makes the long game for gun control advocates clear—they are working to eliminate legal gun ownership in America.

John R. Lott, Jr. and Thomas Massie
September 13, 2023
Biden’s Gun Control Law Will Radically Change U.S. Gun Ownership

This isn’t about what Biden wants. This is what Biden achieved with the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act (BSCA). There is more. It is worth the read.

The courts will almost certainly strike down most of it but it will do a lot of damage before that happens.


2 thoughts on “Biden Banned High School Shooting Teams

  1. The courts regularly strike down unconstitutional rules and edicts. But the courts take time. LOTS of time. And in the interim the criminals in power can do a LOT of damage to our rights. And since NOTHING happens to them for their illegal criminal activities that violate our Rights they simply go back to square one and DO IT AGAIN. Knowing that once again they have months if not years to abuse us before a court does anything about it.

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