Crazy Talk! Or is it?

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Why do Republicans still fight for their beliefs knowing they will be wiped out, like any other minority group in history? Their beliefs are archaic and improper, so why fight against the advancement of the human species?

Anonymous question from Quora

You have to wonder… Yes, it is crazy talk. But, it could be Russian or other bad guy trying to stir things up. Or it could be just some troll getting their jollies. But it also has a small chance of being someone sincerely believing what they are saying and not afraid to say, “the quiet part out loud”. Hitler’s Mein Kampf wasn’t taken serious by the majority of people when it was first written either but within a few years the mindset took over a nation.

Ideas are more dangerous than tools…


7 thoughts on “Crazy Talk! Or is it?

  1. Interesting perception. However, the liberals prefer to elevate minority groups to a point of dominance over all others, witness the WOKE movement that not only supports, but seems to deify cultures that represent a tiny percentage of American basic values and mores.
    I’ve always thought that these types were hypocritical in their demeaning of gun owners as needing firearms as a substitute for sex. Yet they applaud those who stick a furry tail up their bunghole and claim to be a fox or rabbit. If gun owners really are deviant (which they aren’t since they represent about half the population) shouldn’t we be praised?

  2. What fight would that be? Republicans still think were in a constitutional republic. And can discuss things through to a logical conclusion that benefits everybody according to the law.
    The idea of “fighting”, never occurs to them.
    And many that get elected are only there to play the other side of the communist DC coin. For fun and profit.
    But that’s OK, because the communist “Win”, will be very short lived.
    As all the left is winning right now is poverty. Mind, soul, body, and country.
    They’re winning their way into a latanx brand of Haiti. (Water and sewer systems included) With a bunch of white controlled no-go zones.
    But that’s OK to. As the republican idea that we can be nice and all just get along with people that openly tell you they want you dead. Really does need to die.

  3. Quora is a cesspool, it actively encourages Trolls and Bots. Quora should never be taken seriously, read it only for savage amusement.

  4. Kevin over at The Smallest Minority has posted several mega posts about the two schools of thought on human nature.
    Basically boiled down to:
    1. People are what they are (flawed) and society should be structured to take this into account.
    2. People are flawed but they can be perfected to fit into (someone’s vision) a perfect society.

    The first is reality, the second is Socialism/Communism/Utopia.
    The first is John Locke (USA) — natural rights.
    The second is Jean Jacques Rousseau (France) — people exist to serve the state.

    • That last one has been with us since the tower of Babel.
      It seems the real problem is how hardheaded we are?

  5. The problem is mr. anonymous from Quora is actually correct. The left is waging open, active kinetic war against the conservative right. And the conservative right isn’t doing a damn thing about it except bitch. That means THEY WIN. And unless the conservative right starts fighting back…LITERALLY….the conservative right is doomed to be exterminated.

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