Biden Told to Stop Infringing

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The panel of judges, which is made up of two Bush nominees and one Trump nominee, asserted that it is inappropriate for President Biden, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the FBI, and the surgeon general to exert pressure on social media platforms to remove content they deemed troublesome.

Froilan Bersamina
September 10, 2023
Appeals Court Upholds Louisiana Judge’s Ruling, Affirms Biden Admin Likely Violated First Amendment

I haven’t read the ruling yet but I’m disappointed it doesn’t apply to every representative of all government entities. But, it is a decent start down a long path. Does anyone know, assuming the ruling stands, whether the administration will have to pay reparations for this infringement?

Somewhere on that path I want the courts to issue a similar ruling stating it is inappropriate for a government representatives to exert pressure on gun stores to remove guns and other arms they deem troublesome.

And, of course, gun owners need reparations too.


9 thoughts on “Biden Told to Stop Infringing

  1. I suspect it mentioned specific agencies because those were the ones listed in the complaint. Courts can’t rule on questions not before them.

  2. Inappropriate? Is that all they can call it? How ’bout f–k’in criminal? They want to be thought of as judges, yet can’t even declare a crime when it’s being committed in front of them?
    Anyone truly think we’re going to get this communist train wreck to slow down by saying;
    Joey, that’s inappropriate, Now please stop. You might have violated someone’s rights.
    If “inappropriate”, is all they got to say about the Soviet covid controls????
    How about; several crimes were committed and we demand the justice department bring said violators before the courts for judgement!
    Barring that? I hope you have your Idaho bunker well stocked, Joe.

      • Between wheat, lentils, deer, and a lake full of fish.
        You could make it in a teepee!
        The big problem will be all the extra friends you never knew you had. That didn’t manage to bring a thing with them.

        • I’ve seen the temperature get down to -30F for a week with no electricity, snow five feet deep and drifts up to 12 feet deep. I’m not doing that in a teepee.

          I want an underground bunker.

          • Ya, that would be a ruff one. But you got plenty of firewood next door. I don’t think the Indians would miss it when times get that hard.

  3. This opinion…and that’s all it is, has no punishment involved for acts committed.
    That means it’s a pointless waste of time and effort. Without actual painful penalties being meted out the criminal left simply DOES NOT CARE what opinions are issued regarding their criminal acts. They will simply ignore them. The ugly nasty reality is there is NOBODY in a position of power or authority who has the power to DO anything about the lefts crimes that isn’t OWNED by the left. There is no legal, peaceful solution to the problems we face regarding the blatant criminality of the Demonrat party.

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