Bumper-Sticker ‘Solutions’

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In Jacksonville, lives were saved by an armed campus security officer who approached and deterred the gunman before he could fire a single shot on university grounds. Meanwhile, Gun Control, Inc., rakes in money for mocking the idea of a “good guy with a gun” while failing to acknowledge the obvious: the faster a violent threat is confronted by armed resistance, the faster that threat ends and the fewer people die.

We deserve better than the current list of bumper-sticker solutions to the most surface-level and fringe aspects of violence.

Until we force ourselves to change the way we collectively approach mass public shootings, we will keep spinning in circles while people die.

Amy Swearer
Senior Legal Fellow in The Heritage Foundation’s Edwin Meese III Center for Legal and Judicial Studies.
September 1, 2023

I don’t think “bumper-sticker solutions” is accurate. It is closer to a deliberate deception to more effectively infringe up our specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms. The mass shootings and death of innocent people are just a means to an end for those advocating for disarming the public.


4 thoughts on “Bumper-Sticker ‘Solutions’

  1. I agree.

    I see no evidence that gun control proponents are actually interested in reducing violence. Instead, the evidence seems to show that they intend to use violence and need disarmed victims.

    ref: Lexington, Wounded Knee, Red Terror, Warsaw Ghetto, Philistia, etc.

    • The only thing keeping Kenosha, WI from that list is that they failed to disarm Kyle Rittenhouse.

  2. “We deserve better than the current list of bumper-sticker solutions.”
    Deserve??? The scene in Unforgiven; “I don’t deserve this.”, Answer; “Deserves got nothing to do with it.” Then he shoots him in the head. They have to keep it bumper-sticker short for their base. But were not having a polite conversion at a friend’s party here. This is a communist take over.
    Just like them, we’re going to get what we’re willing to take. Fight for and maintain.
    Here’s a better bumper sticker; “You want an AWB because you’re a communist moron, so, BFYTW.”

  3. I think it’s both. It’s useful idiots who parrot (and believe in) the bumper sticker solutions, but it’s a deliberate deception laid out by those in power, those with the means to protect themselves without getting their hands dirty.

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